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June Athlete & Client Of The Month

November 14, 20232 min read

I want to give a shout out to Ben De Paor for being athlete of the month at BFP! Ben has been training with the middle school group and seriously has improved A LOT since day one. Fast forward 4 months, he is moving like a champ. We got him squatting and hip hinging with pretty good technique and understanding what it should feel like. This is a big deal at his age!

On top of training, he participates in martial arts and is an avid spartan racer (youth version). He has some really good role models, as both his parents train at BFP!

Ben always brings a positive attitude and ask really good questions. As a coach, I appreciate all of that. Ben, keep working hard and improving. Congrats on being athlete of the month!

Coach Silas

Austen kicked off her relationship with BFP just about 1 year ago. Since then, Austen has actually dropped nearly 20lbs and kept it off!!! She has a strong deadlift, squat, and bench. And she shows up 5 days per week most weeks. Austen shows that consistency leads to constant progress. The coolest part about it is, Austen also understands that progress isn’t a straight line or a constant slope. Progress is up and down, all around, and sometimes upside down! But the key is to be able to look back and reflect on where you started, where you are now, and appreciate that overall, you’ve made a ton of progress and done so consistently!

One of the coolest things with Austen is that she now burns more than 100 calories more per day by simply sitting on the couch than she did when she first started. Most folks, when they lose weight, they begin to burn less calories at rest than when they started because they don’t get enough protein or focus on strength training. Austen made sure to get enough protein, communicate with her coaches, and to get at least 3 days of strength work in per week. Because of this, along with her weight loss she has dropped 6% body fat, lost 4.7lbs of fat, and gained 3.3lbs of muscle!!! Because she gained muscle, she increased how many calories she burns at rest!! That is truly #BFPStrong !!! Oh yeah, she’s also crushed her first Spartan Sprint and Super and has plans to run a half marathon and Spartan Beast this year!! Austen, AMAZING job! Please keep at it and thanks for being so consistent, even after you chopped your finger off while prepping veggies!!!!

Coach Joe

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