How much does a BFP Coaching Program Membership cost?

Generally, we don't know the exact price of your coaching membership at BFP until we meet and discuss what might be the best fit for you. Our goal at BFP isn't to offer "just a workout". We offer a coaching program which consists of 4 focuses. Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness, and Community. This coaching membership could include: 

Monthly Inbody 270 Assessment 

VIP Facebook Group 

MyZone Challenges 

Quarterly Group Goal Setting

Monthly Group Nutrition Coachin

Initial 60-75min 1 on 1 Consult With Your Nutrition Coach 

Monthly 1 on 1 In Person Meeting With Your Nutrition Coach 

Individualized Nutrition Coaching Plan 

Daily Access To Your Nutrition Coach Via The HSN App 

Weekly Virtual Check Ins Via The HSN App

A 15min 1 on 1 Call With Your Nutrition Coach

Or perhaps, you do not need all of that. Again, we discuss these options in person, in our initial coaching session. All that being said, our prices range from $139 per month to $719 per month.

What is your cancellation policy for group training sessions?

For 5am and 6am Sessions: We have a strict 8 hour cancellation policy. What this means is that if you are signed up for a 5am or 6am session and you do not cancel at least 8 hours before, you will forfeit that session. You will get a text and an email reminder to remind you to cancel at 12 hours prior to that session.

For all other sessions, 8am, 9am, 1130am, 5pm, and 6pm, there is a 2 hour cancellation policy. If you are not able to cancel within 2 hours of that session taking place, you forfeit that session.

We can make exceptions for specific examples such as: a child getting sick, inclement weather, you becoming sick, and getting called into work. Otherwise, we stick to the policy above.

If you have any questions, please email us at

I forgot my Zen Planner Username and/or password. How do I update it?

Use the "forgot password" button in the app. If that does not work, make sure to check your spam folders for the response. If you cannot locate the email, email us at and we will manually send you the password reset email. Your username will be the email you used the day you signed up.

Here's a quick article from Zenplanner on how to get it reset.

Can I try it out for free or do you offer drop ins?

At BFP, we want everyone to experience what we have to offer so, the first session is always our treat. After that, it you aren;t totally sold, you could always try our 28 Day Jumpstart or purchase a drop in for $20 per session.

How do I freeze my membership?

At BFP, we pride ourselves on being able to help folks work around little aches and pains as well as pulled muscles or old injuries. It's part of what we do best! Because of this we do not offer an option to place an account on hold unless specifically stated by a medical doctor in a note or for extended work related travel. We would also need proof from a supervisor for the work related travel.

Here is the actual verbage from a membership contract here at BFP:

"There is no option to freeze your account or suspend payment except in the event of a substantial injury or verified and extensive work-related travel. In which case we require 14 days notice and a membership suspension form to be filled out on our website. (a) Your membership may be suspended in case of a substantial injury up to one month unless otherwise expressly provided by your licensed physician. The member must provide a signed letter with a letterhead from a licensed physician stating that the member has a substantial injury and that the member is not permitted to engage in weight training at this time. The letter must include the specifics of the injury, an expected return time and a phone number to call and verify the information. You will be notified by email when the suspension has gone into effect. Suspensions cannot be backdated or open ended. THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY YOUR LICENSED PHYSICIAN SHALL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL AND SHALL BE USED ONLY BY BREAKAWAY FITNESS & PERFORMANCE FOR THE PURPOSE OF PARAGRAPH 6a. (b) Your membership may be suspended in case of verified sport season practice schedule or extensive work-related travel. The member must provide a signed letter with a letterhead from the member’s supervisor (if applicable) stating the member’s work related travel dates. A suspension for work related travel must be for a minimum of 30 days and cannot be open-ended."

If you meet the criteria mentioned, feel free to head on over to our "Membership Hold Page" and fill out the form. It takes us between 7-14 days to process the forms so we require at least 14 days notice to put an account on hold. 

I am a pregnant and want to freeze my membership:

Congratulations! If your doctor feels you are medically unable to use the club during your pregnancy, you can request a medical freeze for up to nine (9) months. You must provide a doctor’s letter at the time of requesting a pregnancy freeze. If you want to make sure BFP is prepared to work with you during your pregnancy, we can do that too! All of our coaches have extensive experience working with women as they go through their pregnancies. We also frequently review and educate our coaches on the most up to date research surrounding exercise and pregnancy.

I want to cancel my membership, how do I do that?

If you are OUTSIDE of your first 6 month membership, you may cancel with 30 days notice for any reason. You can cancel by heading on over to our membership cancellation page and filling out the cancellation form.

If you are INSIDE your first 6 month membership, you may cancel with 30 days notice (specified on your membership agreement) for the following reasons: relocation or medical.

RELOCATION: You May Cancel Due to a Move without a fee. If you move 10 miles or more from any current Breakaway Fitness & Performance, you must provide sufficient proof of the move. Sufficient proof includes, but is not limited to a copy of a new lease signed by Breakaway Fitness & Performance member and their lessor, a real estate purchase agreement on the purchase of a new home or a new utility bill in member’s name. You must fill out a moving form (the “MF”) at least 30 days prior to the anticipated move or cancellation. Required documentation must be present when completing the form so we can make copies. You’re still responsible for payments that fall within the 30 day period after you complete the MF. The MF may be requested by. Notwithstanding the foregoing, or anything contrary contained in this Agreement, entering into bankruptcy, death or incapacitation shall immediately terminate this Agreement. 

MEDICAL: If your doctor finds you medically unable to workout for more than six months, we will just need a letter from your physician. They do NOT need to give us specifics, just their medical opinion that you are unable to work out for at least six months. You are welcome to scan and email to us or bring it by in person.

If you'd like to cancel for any other reason, first off, we will miss you! Please review the policy from your membership contract below:

Early Membership Cancellation: If you wish to cancel your Membership, you must provide 30 days notice, complete a cancellation form (the “CF”) on our membership cancellation page, and you will be charged a fee of $200. Any charges within the 30 days will be assessed as well.

I want to upgrade/downgrade my membership. Can I do this without extending my contract?

Yup!! You sure can! If you want to upgrade just email us at! In order to downgrade, we would just need to create a new contract to pick up where you are currently and have you sign the paperwork in your Zenplanner App as we would need an updated contract.

If you'd like to upgrade/downgrade your account, we require 14 days notice to get this processed and we need you to fill out the form on our membership change page.

Is there a dresscode at BFP?

"Keep Shirts On and No Booty Shorts"

At BFP, we strive to create an atmosphere that is non-intimidating and welcoming to all. Therefore, we ask everyone to wear shirts (not sports bras), shorts and/or pants at all times.

If any of our general areas that are considered private are showing on the lower body, the shorts are too short. No shirts off for the guys.

This is our policy to differentiate what we do from many other facilities as well as keep BFP as welcoming and non-intimidating to all who train there.

So, we ask that everyone, at all locations please observe this "House Rule" in order to maintain the culture that we strive for at BFP.

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Do I need to reserve my spot ahead of time in a group training session?

We ask that everyone reserve their session ahead of time through the Zenplanner app for all sessions. You can reserve up to 2 weeks ahead of time as long as you have the number of sessions remaining to allow it. We are limited to 16 per session so we want to make sure we stick to that number at all times. Here's a quick video on how to reserve your spot in the Zenplanner app.

Do you have Open Gym? Do you allow training/working out outside of group sessions?

Breakaway Fitness & Performance is committed to helping people get Strong, Fit, and Feel Confident again. We strive to do this by providing a family like atmosphere, practical nutrition coaching, and progressive group personal training programs.

We have no interest in renting out space and equipment. We want to coach and guide folks to being the best version of themselves as possible.

At this point in time, we do not have open gym. We also do not allow any training or working out outside of our session times unless it is a specific BFP training program that has been added in. We will do this at times if we have groups training for a Spartan Race or a Crossfit comp but, these would be run by coaches much like our sessions.

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