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Breakaway Fitness & Performance

What Makes Breakaway Fitness & Performance Unique?

You can walk into any gym and find a personal trainer who will assign you a workout routine, stand by as you push yourself to the limit, and congratulate you when you get done. What you can't find anywhere is the level of dedication, personalization, and community that Breakaway Fitness & Performance brings to the table.  We're here to help you get strong, fit, and confident again.

By creating an individual relationship with each and every member of our gym, we are able to curate a workout plan that contours specifically to your needs. We'll provide you with Next Level Accountability to help you commit to a functional exercise routine that will genuinely get you results. From weight loss to lean muscle gain to improving your athletic performance, our team of educated, certified personal trainers can help you get the results you've been missing.

Whether you're from Wilmington or Surf City, Holly Ridge or here in Hampstead, our team is here to help you get the results you've been missing.

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Our Expert Team

Our expert trainers will teach you valuable lifestyle changes through self-empowerment, self-education, behavioral change and mindset shifts to push your own physical capacity.


Our Core Values

We are built on core values like being empathetic, committing to constant progress, supporting you every step of the way, offering an accountable environment, and pouring passion into each and every session.


Our Mission

Breakaway Fitness & Performance is committed to helping people get Strong, Fit, and Feel Confident again. We strive to do this by providing a family like atmosphere, practical nutrition coaching, and progressive group personal training programs.


Our Promise

We pledge to provide you with a fitness environment that will be supportive, passionate, safe, full of integrity while promoting excellence and fitness in our community.


Personal Training

Through personal training, you'll be able to access a suite of educational resources, nutrition strategies, and work with a dedicated trainer in order to establish a workout plan that's right for your body and your goals. Join us in Hampstead and make results happen by training in a way that's right for you!

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Group Personal Training

Through group personal training, you'll strike the perfect balance between the individualized structure of personal training and the accountability and support of your peers. From nutrition to goal-based workouts, our group personal training program is giving men and women across Hampstead the real results they've been looking for.

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Youth Training

With our youth training program, young athletes can pursue serious athletic development in order to compete at the highest levels. Join us in Hampstead and help your young athlete get the best training available alongside like-minded peers from around Surf City, Wilmington, and Hampstead.

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Changing Personal Training Across Hampstead

Our programs offer more than just lasting fitness. At Breakaway Fitness & Performance, you'll gain a sense of community and a real education about how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Heart Health in Hampstead - Breakaway Fitness & Performance

Heart Health

Our trainers are college-educated experts on health and wellness. Through your own personalized training regimen, they'll put you on the path to robust cardiovascular health so that you can live better and feel better. 

Strength Training in Hampstead - Breakaway Fitness & Performance

Strength Training

Depending on your individual goals, our programs incorporate strength training as a means to promote weight loss, muscle growth, and improved overall health. Our personal trainers cater every workout to your goals, your body, and your needs. 

Injury Prevention in Hampstead - Breakaway Fitness & Performance

Injury Prevention

Working out safely is a key component of an effective fitness routine. From teaching proper form and technique to helping you strengthen your body in order to rehabilitate from old injuries or to prevent new ones, our team will help you create sustainable, lifetime fitness. 

Nutrition in Hampstead - Breakaway Fitness & Performance


Whether you're training at Breakaway Fitness & Performance because you want to lose weight or simply to feel better in your everyday life, nutrition is integral to getting results. Our team will educate you on how to eat healthy without giving up good taste!

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