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How to Thrive—Not Just Survive—During the Holidays

March 02, 20243 min read

Words matter.

Words shape perceptions. Perceptions shape intentions. Intentions shape just about everything.

Around this time of year, I often think about the trope surviving the holidaysWe hear and read about this often: How to survive holiday parties, family gatherings and a busy season filled with events and festivities.

And let’s be honest, these survival guides are usually aimed at what we should eat and drink over the holiday season—less, usually. Or more and then less, to make up for the “more” you ate during the holidays. It’s hard to keep track.

Leaving aside the peculiar notion of survival as nutritional deprivation, this seems to me as a pretty rough way to treat yourself.  What are we surviving, really?

What if we flipped the script?


Thrive through the holidays.

Thrive by eating delicious food that makes you feel full and warm.

Thrive by doing awesome workouts powered by that great food.

Heck, thrive through a long winter’s nap after a delicious meal or night out.

What if we let the things we love to do—being with friends and family, eating well, moving with abandon and resting at the right times—take us through this holiday season?

What if we thrived?


No guilt here. Just reminding you that in 15 or 20 years, you won't remember that one extra workout you got in or that salad you ate instead of turkey, sweet potato casserole, and cranberry sauce with pie on the side.


You'll remember the conversations. The Christmas lights twinkling. Maybe the crackling on a warm fire. Or, you'll remember that last meal you had with Grandma or Grandpa before they passed away.


The holidays are a time to spread love and feel loved. Even if it's a dark time for you or a challenging anniversary, or reminders of past losses, we can find positivity this time of year. If anything, take some time to give back to others. I can promise you that doing this will fill you with warmth, joy and purpose no matter how bad your circumstances.


If you normally workout, stay consistent. If you aren't consistent, don't beat yourself up. Don't let it lead to you being inconsistent forever. Enjoy yourself. Forgive yourself. Then get back to consistency. Consistency wins above all things. In all areas of life. Especially the less sexy areas.


If you normally eat mostly whole foods and follow the plate method, try to do that at your holiday meals. If you can't, then no worries. Enjoy every single bite of that plate. Enjoy the conversations. Enjoy the time with loved ones. Then go take a nap. or maybe help do the dishes for whoever cooked that meal.


Either way, perfectly consistent or not with your normal routine, just don't get mad at yourself and don't give up on everything you had in place. Start again. And again and again and again.


If you aren't already a BFP Family member and you'd like some help with this, feel free to reach out and setup and initial coaching session. You can do this through this website, by sending me a PM on Facebook, or texting us at 910-601-1019.


Here's to Thriving this year,

Coach Joe

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