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Check Out Our New Hampstead BFP Family Member of the Month!!!

November 14, 20231 min read

This month, we are going to spotlight Frank Hundley, AKA Frank the Tank!  Frank has been training at BFP for about 2 years and usually attends the morning/mid-day sessions.  He will bust his butt during the session and has made some serious progressions in his strength training.  One aspect that has improved drastically has been his technique on squatting and deadlifting.  It’s been awesome to see his confidence go up with those lifts specifically!            

Frank has been very consistent with his training over these last few years and it shows with his Myzone status.  Even when the gym was shut down during COVID, he stayed active.  He’s currently sitting at Gold status (which is 1+ year of hitting 1300 MEPS per month) and he’s almost at Platinum status (which is 2 years).  Congrats on keeping exercise a priority in your life, that’s a big deal!    

Quick story, I recall when Frank joined the gym, he jumped into our BFP fantasy football league as the “newbie”.  He knew what he was doing because he ended up smoking all of us and taking home the championship!  Since then, I’ve enjoyed our football conversations and I am sorry that you're a Carolina Panthers fan, lol.  

Frank, keep being awesome and we are glad to have you be a part of the BFP family.  If y’all see him at your sessions, give him a fist bump!

Coach Silas

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