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Check Out Our New Hampstead BFP Family Member of the Month!!!

November 14, 20231 min read

This month at BFP, we want to give a big shout out to Roy Strawderman!    

Roy trains in the morning sessions and this man works his butt off!  I can tell other people in the session feed off of his energy.  If you train at 8am or 9am, you know how hard he works.  The best thing is that he has been consistently showing up for over a year and has seen great results because of that.  

When I first met Roy, I remember how approachable he was and I recall our first conversation was about the Wu-tang sticker on my vehicle and our favorite NFL teams.  He also mentioned how much he needed to change his lifestyle and not be a couch potato anymore.  Fast forward a year and he has lost 60 pounds and dropped 7% body fat!  The coaches at BFP could not be any more proud of his progress and discipline to show up.  Seriously, congrats man, way to put in the work!

On top of losing weight, he has shown great strides in his strength training.  In the beginning, I knew that first month was hard for him, but he kept showing up and doing what he could.  Now he is moving a lot better, getting stronger and his overall conditioning levels have improved.    

Roy, we appreciate you trusting us with your health and fitness, I know you have a great support system from your wife, close friends, and the BFP family.  I am excited to see you hit your next goal, meanwhile keep crushing your gym sessions!  

Coach Silas

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