Check out our Hampstead February Athlete and Client of the Month!!

Check out our Hampstead February Athlete and Client of the Month!!

November 14, 20232 min read

I want to give this young lady a shoutout for being athlete of the month at BFP!  Lillian Carrell has been a rockstar since she started with us in 2020.  She is very polite with the coaches and her fellow peers, which is refreshing to see.  She trains with the middle school group and on top of coming into BFP, she also participates in ballet, so she stays busy!    

I remember the first day Lillian came in because we were doing med ball slams as part of the workout and she was outworking everyone.  Not gonna lie, she kinda surprised me with how well she did.  Fast forward to today, I have seen Lillian grow into a strong, confident lady who works hard every session.      

One thing about Lillian is that she enjoys the lifting portion of our workouts and especially loves to bench press.  She is definitely strong for her age as I see her lift more than some of our adults and she is only in middle school.  Her ceiling is high and I hope she continues lifting into her high school years because she has the potential to be really strong.  

Lillian, congrats on being athlete of the month.  We enjoy having you at BFP, so keep being awesome!  

Coach Silas 

This month at BFP, we want to recognize Lara Creech!  She has been training at BFP for well over 3 years and consistently attends the “lunch bunch” session at 11:30am.  I enjoy coaching Lara because she always has a smile on her face, brings a great attitude to her sessions and asks great questions.  I see her constantly uplifting her peers, whether it’s cheering someone on for those last few reps of an exercise or taking time to check in on her “gym family” and helping support them in any way possible.     


In the training sessions, Lara is a hard worker and demonstrates exquisite form on every exercise.  I know it sounds weird, but as a coach, it’s a thing of beauty to watch.  That just shows how in-tune she is with her training and it seriously has helped her become a strong woman.  Creech can throw up some weight, just last fall I spotted her as she hit a 1 rep max on the bench press at 120lbs!  

As I mentioned earlier, she is very consistent in her training and also incorporates the Myzone during her sessions.  Just to show you how committed she is, she is currently at Gold status which is meeting a certain amount of physical activity each month for 1 full year.  Boo yah Creech!  


Recently, she just competed in the BFP combine and crushed it with her partner A-Rod!  I was happy they signed up, but mostly proud of them for committing to that event and giving it their all because it was not an easy competition.     

Lara, we appreciate you at BFP and all your hard work.  Keep being awesome!  


Coach Silas

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