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Check Out Our Hampstead BFP Family Member of the Month!!!

November 14, 20231 min read

This month at BFP we wanted to give a shoutout to Alysun Caldwell!  

If you have ever met Alysun, you know she is coming at you with a big smile and a friendly hello.  Maybe you’ve even danced with her at a session.  I knew after the first week of training her, that we were going to get along.  She worked hard at every session and on top of that, she picked up on all my “pop culture” references and knew just about every song I was playing during the sessions.  Seriously, she is like a jukebox to the lyrics of all the songs.   

Alysun has been a member at BFP since 2019 and has been crushing it since then.  I have watched her gain strength and for the most part, be able to sustain that strength while life got a little hectic for her.  Whether it was juggling schedules for 3 kids, starting a new business during COVID (Burrito Shak in Surf City) and battling a few injuries, she did her best to get her butt into the gym.  That can be the biggest battle sometimes, just showing up.

Speaking of commitment, she currently sits at GOLD status with her Myzone, and that is 12 months of consistent exercise.  Heck yeah Calwell!

Alysun, we want to congratulate you on all your hard work at BFP and the support you give, not only to us, but your fellow peers.  You definitely bring great energy to every session you attend and it’s contagious.  Keep on, keepin’ on!  

Coach Slice  

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