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Check Out Our April Athlete and Client of the Month!!

November 14, 20232 min read

BFP Athlete Of The Month: Anna Swan

At BFP, we will approach coaching and training not only with enthusiasm but with desire. We are excited to be a part of your health and fitness journey and willing to do what it takes to reach our goals and help others reach theirs.

We strive to create or feed the same passion in the youth athletes we work with. Anna is one of those passionate individuals! It’s an absolute blast working with Anna!

She listens well, works hard, and lifts others up. Not only that but she is very respectful to her coaches. At the end of each workout, Anna comes up to the Coach and says ”Thank You So Much” and offers a fist bump!

She is a middle schooler! And after every training session, she intentionally thanks the coach. She does it with enthusiasm as well!

Anna, you are strong, fit, and confident! You will do big things in this life!

Please keep it up and keep living life with passion and intent!

BFP Family Member Of The Month: Ginger Rhodes

At BFP, we are committed to getting better every day in everything we do as individuals and as a family. We recognize progress as the small daily efforts done consistently over time which lead to goal achievement. Ginger, lives this day in and day out. She shows up early, gets in some extra rowing, then hits her strength work HARD! Most importantly, she does this consistently. This is what has led to Ginger growing every single week. So much so that she won our most recent transformation challenge!

She dropped nearly 14lbs and 3.9% bodyfat!

We also want to recognize Ginger for the support she shows to others. At BFP, we support each other and build one another up. This means following the 90/10 rule. Spending 90% of our time and energy looking for and expanding bright spots, and strengthening strengths. Spending only 10% of our time and energy “fixing things” or “correcting flaws”.

Ginger lives this one as well! Recently, another BFP Family Member was finishing up their workout. It involved 45 laps outdoors. Ginger had completed her workout about 15mins earlier. Instead of hanging out and stretching or leaving, Ginger went out and jogged the rest of the way with that BFP Family member.

Ginger, this is what we hope to see from everyone! We hope it’s what others who aren’t part of the family think of when they see us! 

You can’t compete against someone if they want you to win too!

Ginger, we see you, and we thank you for you being you! Let’s keep rocking out!

Coach Joe

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