Back to the Basics: The Goblet Squat

Back to the Basics: The Goblet Squat

November 14, 20232 min read

Back to the Basics: The Goblet Squat

I consider the goblet squat to be a foundational exercise at BFP.  In my opinion, it’s a great exercise for teaching good habits in the squat movement.  That is why the goblet squat is a go-to exercise for beginners (doesn’t matter what age) because it allows the person to feel the movement without a significant amount of weight.  As time goes on, the squat movement can then be progressed into some heavier weighted squats, whether it’s with double kettlebells, the trap bar or a barbell.


Ever hear the term, back to the basics?  Well, this theory can apply to squatting.  It’s easy to get caught up in a training cycle with heavy back squats and going for that PR, but that may lead to some bad habits along the way.  Not saying it will, but it can happen.  This is why I believe it’s beneficial to revisit the goblet squat every so often because it allows us to improve our squat pattern and in a sense, get back to the basics!  


So at BFP, that’s what we did in February, we revisited the goblet squat and got back to the basics.  We had days where we focused on isometric holds, pause squats, tempo squats, and even heavy goblet squats.  This prepared everyone for the BFP goblet squat challenge, which was ½ your bodyweight for 25 reps.


This was a challenging one for a lot of people because it forced people to get out of their comfort zone and try something “hard”.  I gotta say as a coach, it was awesome to see so many people attempt this challenge and not shy away.  I know for some, it may have been the biggest dumbbell they have ever picked up to squat.  Trust me, it is super motivating to other members to see someone who didn't think they could hold a 90lb dumbbell, pick it up and then complete 25 reps.  That snowballed into a lot of people exceeding their expectations for this challenge!  All I can say is that hopefully, there is a new appreciation for “heavy” goblet squats because honestly, they suck!  It’s tough to breath and stay upright.  Your heart rate goes through the roof after 10 reps, so like I said, yeah they can suck!


Anyways, as we wrapped up the month, hopefully our members noticed improvement in their squat pattern, because I surely did!  The most notable thing I saw improvement in was the ability to squat deeper with good control.  It seems people were getting more comfortable with the notion to slow down and feel the movement, especially on tempo days.  Those types of improvements will definitely carry over to other squat variations, but most importantly, keep everyone healthy.  That’s the goal, am I right?


May all your squats be deep in 2021!    


Coach Silas

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