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3 Speed Drills To Do At Home

November 14, 20232 min read

Athletes, have you been able to train at home during your quarantine?  I hope so! Don’t lose everything you've worked for, by just sitting around.  Not a good idea. I understand that most of you are missing out on your spring sports seasons and that’s a serious bummer.  I would suggest looking at times like this as an opportunity to hone in on something specific. How about you work on getting faster!  With that being said, I wanted to give you 3-speed drills you can do at home that are simple and effective. So drag your buddy or family member outside and work on getting fast!

Each drill works on a different aspect of speed.  I have attached a video for the wall sprints and PVC chase downs.  Check em out!

  1. Wall sprints.  This is a simple drill, find a wall and your good to go.  I like this drill because it teaches sprinting mechanics from a fixed position, specifically the action of driving the knee up.  Check out the video on how to set yourself up!     

  2. 10 yard PVC chase downs (can also use a broom handle).  This is a fun one to go back and forth with a friend. Start from any position and have your partner hold the PVC 5-8 yards away, on any command, go chase it down before it hits the ground!  The key thing is to put as much horizontal force into the ground and make sure you don’t stand up right away. This drill works on force production and overall acceleration from a static position.  Check out the video on what it looks like! 

  3. 40-yard fly’s.  Mark out 30-40 yards. Focus on getting to top-end speed by the last 10 yards, so you’re ramping up in speed near the end.  You should be at max effort on those last 10 yards. I always tell athletes that the only way to get faster (on top of lifting) is to sprint more often.       

Example Workout:  30m

Warm-up: 10m Dynamics

Wall Sprints:  5 Rounds: 20s of work, 40s of rest

PVC Chase Downs: 10m (make it competitive)

40 Yard Fly’s: 4-5 Reps

Coach, Silas

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