The BFP Foundational Supplement Stack

The BFP Foundational Supplement Stack

November 14, 20233 min read

The BFP Foundational Supplement Stack:

We designed this specific stack from Thorne Research with our clients needs in mind. We offer nutritional coaching, hold nutrition challenges, and talk with folks every single day. We hear you, and we totally understand your nutrition concerns. Most folks tell us 1 of 3 or 4 things.

  1. They struggle to get sufficient protein to hit their goals

  2. They want to reduce inflammation throughout the body

  3. They want to have a healthy gut

  4. They want a strong immune system (especially in the winter months when they don't get outside much

This Stack answers all of these questions. But first, why Thorne?

It's simple, Thorne offers the cleanest, most natural ingredient products we have been able to find. We have trusted them for a long time because of this. Their stuff also tastes great! Not to mention, they are trusted by The USA Olympics Teams and are the provider for The CrossFit Games. Now, here's a little more info on each product in the stack as well as how to use it.

Thorne Whey Isolate Protein:

When To Take:

It's best to drink a protein shake, or get a meal within 2 hours of your workout. So, if you aren't able to get a meal, then this is a great option! For most women it's recommended to take 1-1.5 scoops and for men 2 scoops.

Here's a great resource for making an awesome smoothie with it if you'd like to have it for breakfast or with other ingredients to make it a meal. You could also take it prior to working out as a way to buffer the amount of protein you have available to use for energy during a workout if you are eating a lower calorie diet.

This protein tastes great! Mixes well in smoothies or just plain water/milk!

Thorne Fish Oil:

Super EPA provides essential omega-3 fatty acids that support a healthy heart and brain, help maintain a healthy inflammatory response in muscles and joints, enhance mood, and promote healthy skin. You can take 1 capsule with a meal up to 3x per day. To get the minimum effective dosage, you'll need to take about 3 capsules per day. Always consult with a doctor first.

Thorne Vitamin D 5000 Units:

Vitamin D, in its D3 form, is more potent and better absorbed form than its D2 form. Thorne’s vitamin D supplements contain no lactose and no preservatives. During the winter months, most of us don't get outside enough. This can help fill that Vitamin D gap. With this being a 5000 unit serving, you'll only need it once a day. Of course, you can always consult with a doctor first.

Thorne Floramend Probiotics:

The proprietary blend in FloraMend Prime Probiotic offers support for gut and immune health with the added benefit of clinically studied support for weight management. For this one, take it once per day with a meal. That's all you'll need unless the doc tells ya to take it more.


If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email at info@bfpnc.com!

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