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May Client and Athlete of the Month

November 14, 20232 min read

#BFPFAMILY Member Of The Month: Melissa Reaves

Core Value: Support

Melissa Reaves has been a part of the #BFP family since 2014! She is an absolute rockstar and lifts up every single person around her when she is training.

Personally, I’ve been told on several occasions how much other folks enjoy having Melissa in their sessions with them. Constantly supporting others through encouragement, fun shouts across the room, and the occasional joke here and there.

Melissa goes HARD too! You will not see Melissa slacking off. No matter how her week is going. No matter if she is working through some aches and pains, Melissa will figure out a way to give it her best and bring it every time!

Melissa, thanks for being a part of BFP and thank you for being so awesome in our sessions!

This month we would like to give a shout out to Shelby Parker for being athlete of the month at BFP! Shelby has grown a lot since she stepped into our facility about a year ago. She is a sophomore at Topsail and plays the best sport ever, basketball. (sorry I am bias!)

When I first met Shelby, I was told that she played basketball. I think I was just coming back from being out of town and she recently joined. Anyways, we started the session with a game called keep away. Right away, I could see her hand eye coordination and competitiveness come out and knew she would be awesome to train. Turns out that I was right! Shelby is all about hard work! She is very coachable and asks questions whenever she can. I appreciate her willingness to learn and put forth the effort. She even comes in on her own and trains when she cannot make the youth sessions. That’s dedication!

Shelby congrats on being athlete of the month and keep working hard! Excited to see how well you blossom into your junior and senior year!

Coach, Silas

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