March Clients Of The Month

March Clients Of The Month

November 14, 20232 min read

Core Values: Constant Progress and Support

Amanda is a rockstar!! Amanda not only shows up to workout 3x per week during our #BFPLunchCrew session but she comes to open gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well!

She has always been an insanely hard worker and every single person that works out with her ends up becoming her friend!

Amanda can deadlift and squat like a champ, and as you can see in the picture, her upper body is pretty strong too!

We chose Amanda for our #BFPFamily Member of the month because she has been ON IT for the last few months and it is paying off! She recently did her reassessment on the Inbody 270 and crushed it! Amanda has gotten a hold on several of those little frustrating habits that plague us all and she has kicked them to the curb!

Amanda, thanks for working so hard day in and day out, constantly progressing and supporting others while you do it!! #BFP #hampsteadfitness #hampsteadnc #sneadsferrync #surfcitync #hollyridgenc #topsailbeach #topsailisland

Core Value: Hard Work

This month we would like to recognize Forrest Hoover as our athlete of the month at Breakaway Fitness and Performance! Forrest has been awesome to work with since day one. He has been with us for about 4-5 months and has improved in everything he’s done. He naturally moves well, so everything I throw at him, he picks up very quickly. All the coaches admire how well he listens and applies himself during the sessions. Thank you for being Coachable Forrest!

Forrest is a runner and yes, he has heard this a million times, RUN FORREST RUN! I try not to say it anymore, hehe…On top of the hard work he puts in every session, I always enjoy what ever is on top of his mind. It could be something very random, such as world dominance or the latest video games, all the way to the Philadelphia Eagles. Whatever it is, I enjoy our talks!

Forrest, my man, keep working hard and I am excited to see you step up to the high school session next year and crush it! Congrats on being the athlete of the month!


Silas Perreault

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