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November 14, 20232 min read

Squat Cleans, Power Cleans, Hang Cleans oh my! Whether you are new to BFP or have been a member for a long time, you may have noticed more and more ‘Cleans’ in the workouts. Today we are going to look at the barbell clean, breakdown the movement and explain why it is important and such a beneficial lift. 

The ‘Clean’ is a functional movement that incorporates all major muscle groups and burns a ton of calories!! It is meant to develop power and to build strength.   Before getting technical, one way to explain the clean is that is starts as a deadlift and ends in a front squat. Something to focus on would be to use the power in your hips in legs int the first pull, once you reach triple extension you want to pull yourself UNDER the bar.  When performed properly it will look something like this…. 

Clean: Starting from the floor, feet hips width apart, hips and shoulders rise at the same time, once bar passes the knees and you open your hips, jump and pull yourself under the bar catching the barbell in front rack position landing in a squat, then finish in a standing position. 

Where you start and finish the lift will change what type of Clean you are performing.

Hang Power Clean: Starting with the barbell anywhere above the knee and below the hip crease and catching the barbell anywhere above parallel/squat and finish in a standing position.

Hang Squat Clean 
Starting from above the knees/below the hip, full extension, jump and pull yourself below the bar catching in a front squat and finish in the standing position. 

You may do a variation of any of these cleans at BFP depending on the workout that day and your experience/skill level. You may perform cleans with a kettlebell or even a medicine ball. You will improve your clean (or any lift for that matter)  if you focus on form first! 

Here are some tips/cues that will help improve your clean. 

-Remember the set up is just as important as the execution. If you are not starting in the proper position then you will not be able to perform the clean optimally. 

-Keep the barbell CLOSE to the body.

-Hips and shoulders move at the same time when starting the first part of the Clean. 

-Move your body BEHIND the barbell.

-Full triple extension (aka JUMP) (shrug, get under the bar and have FAST elbows)


-Its OK to fail, thats where you learn and improve!!! 

Through listening to our coaches, showing up consistently and practicing technique you will improve your lifts.  Be open to pushing out of your comfort zone and you will see great things happen. Trust the process and have fun!

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