Check Out Our New Sneads Ferry BFP Family Member of the Month!!!

Check Out Our New Sneads Ferry BFP Family Member of the Month!!!

November 14, 20231 min read

BFP Family Member of the month: Stephany Rector

Core Value: Consistency and Accountability 

This month we would like to recognize a very important member of the BFP Family, Stephany Rector (Stephany with a Y).  She’s a member of the dark and early crew. Each morning she shows up ready to get after it! Stephany works hard to complete everything and will gladly push you to go heavier with weight or push you to continue to work when you’re about to throw in the towel. The support and accountability she provides is phenomenal. Welcoming EVERYONE into the dark and early crew with open arms. Stephany displays everything we are looking for in a client. 

Minimum of four times per week is the consistency that will get you results. Stephany is getting stronger. From her deadlift to her bench press, improvements are being made. She shows up and works hard to better herself each day!

We look forward to your progress moving forward. Keep showing up and crushing it. Keep motivating others by remaining consistent. We see you and we appreciate you! 

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