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Check Out Our June Client and Athlete of the Month!!

November 14, 20233 min read

This month, we want to give a shout out to Micah de Paor for being athlete of the month!  Micah has been training at BFP for a good part of a year.  He comes in ready to go every session, literally comes in and starts jumping on the plyo boxes!  


Micah trains with the middle school group and has shown vast improvements since he started.  One thing I have seen major improvement in, is his ability to squat and deadlift.  Those two movements took him some time to grasp, but he never gave up on learning them.  Since he has learned those two movements, now he is slowly grabbing some heavier weights and progressing.  That’s a big deal, especially at his age.


Micah not only trains at BFP, but he spends time at Shoshin Ryu (downtown ILM) training in martial arts.  So watch out or he’ll take you down!  I know he also has participated in youth Spartan races pre-COVID, aroo!

I admire his work ethic and how respectful he is to his peers and coaches, maybe that has something to do with his parents (who also train at BFP with the early morning crowd, Liam and Michelle).  No, it definitely does.  Good job Liam and Michelle for being positive role models!


Micah, congrats on being athlete of the month and keep up the hard work!  


Coach Silas


We are so so excited to recognize Christian as our BFP Family Member of the month. Christian is such a pleasure to coach, and a joy for everyone around her to train with.

Not only will Christian push others around her to be better, but she will also put her nose down, and GRIND!!!! Christian is a HARD worker!


Not that it hasn’t always paid off but Christian has recently hit an all new level in her health and fitness!! As far back as September 2019, Christian was around 17% bodyfat. I know, super lean and awesome right?? Well, now, she is at 14%!!! This did not happen by mistake! It’s also not killing her either. Christian has found a way to maintain this and make it a lifestyle! That’s what matters most! Of, well that and she now has 4 more pounds of muscle on her as compared to back when she was 17% bodyfat. 


You read that right! Since September of 2019, Christian has dropped over 4lbs of fat and gained over 4lbs of muscle! I know you can’t magically turn bodyfat into muscle, but Christian has replaced it!!

The best part of it all is that her weight is up slightly! This is the difference between gaining lean muscle mass and being fit, or just being skinny but not functionally fit. This shows up in her resting metabolic rate (how many calories she burns at rest) as it is 60 calories per day higher than ever before! That’s amazing! That’s life changing!!! 


Christian can also back squat well over 200lbs, deadlift well over 200lbs, and bench over 130lbs on the bench press! Christian can also clean over 100lbs!


Christian, you are strong, humble, and one of the hardest workers in the room. We truly appreciate your dedication to your personal growth and hope we are able to to help in any way possible! We see you, and we just thought you deserved a little recognition! Keep at it Christian! We are proud of you!


Coach Joe

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