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Check Out Our July Family Members Of The Month

November 14, 20232 min read

BFP Hampstead Family Member Of The Month: Jodi Daniel

This month, we want to highlight another one of our hardworking early morning members, Jodi Daniel. Jodi joined BFP in November of 2020 and has attended more than 700 sessions! Jodi is the epitome of consistency - she comes to at least four sessions every week. Jodi recently increased her deadlift PR to 175 lbs. (she’s pretty close to joining the 200 Club!). She also has a 115 lb. PR for benchpress and she has used a 62 lb. kettlebell to swing for 12 reps. 

Jodi always walks in the door a few minutes before 5 a.m. with a smile on her face. She gives 100% during each and every workout and is very coachable - listening, considering, and incorporating every instruction and piece of advice.  

Jodi is just as much an athlete outside of the gym. She has participated in the BFP Combine as well as BFP DEKA events. She is a Spartan, having run her first Spartan Beast in Fayetteville a couple of months ago in May (13.1 miles and 30 obstacles). And most recently, she completed the Dragon OCR, which she ran with her daughter! Way to set a positive, healthy example!

Jodi is a kind, positive light who shows gratitude and appreciation each and every day. We are so lucky to have you as part of the BFP family! Keep up the good work!

Coach Steph

BFP Sneads Ferry Family Member of the Month: Josh Whitty 

Core Values: Effort and Commitment 

This month we would like to recognize Josh Whitty as Client of the Month. Josh gets it done dark and early at 6am with a minimum of 12 sessions each month. No matter how the session looks on paper, Josh shows up and gives everything he has, especially on cardio days! (We HAVE to bring the mop out sometimes!)

Being a former member of the armed forces, his body is pretty banged up, but that doesn’t stop him. It fuels him. If something doesn’t feel good for him, we adjust and make the proper modifications to keep him comfortable and moving. Since joining the BFP Family, all of his major lifts have improved! Josh is currently sitting at a working max of 240 for the back squat, 345 for deadlift, and 225 for the bench.
Committing to and hitting 12 sessions each month has been a huge stepping stone in the right direction for Josh!

Pleasure to have in class motivating others through actions. Pleasure to coach. We love to see the progress you’ve made. Keep working hard, keep crushing it!

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