Check out our Hampstead and Sneads Ferry March Members of the Month!!

Check out our Hampstead and Sneads Ferry March Members of the Month!!

November 14, 20232 min read


This month at BFP we want to recognize Marena French as our member of the month.  Boo yah!  

She joined BFP in October 2021 and has made great strides in her health and fitness.  Since then she has put on about 5 lbs of muscle and has lost about 2% body fat.  I know she just finished up the nutrition challenge and is ready to keep it rolling!

Marena usually comes to the 6pm session, everytime I see her she always has a smile on her face. When we get going with the exercises she is locked in, ready to learn and improve her fitness.

As coaches, we constantly preach about consistency.  Whether it’s nutrition or fitness, consistency is key.  While training, wearing a Myzone belt can help remind us of that.  Now, Marena holds a bronze ranking in Myzone and is well on her way to the silver ranking which is 6 months of consistent training.  Well done!

Marena congrats on making fitness a priority in your life and working hard every session, keep it up!



At BFP we are here to make members become strong, fit and more confident through our programing and coaching. This month we would like to shine a light on Laura Wilmott. Laura  has been a member here at Sneads Ferry since we opened and has shown up consistently ever since! With that consistency she has not only seen an increase in strength, lean muscle mass, she has learned new skills along the way. 

Laura shows up early, ready to work, and uses TrainHeroic to help track her progress.  Her numbers have increased in all of her lifts and is open to encouragement on going heavier. 
She has also been known to take on any extra challenge or opportunity to increase the intensity in the workout! She may be seen asking for more weight on her plank hold or hopping on the echo bike even when she would rather row to continue getting better at each movement. 

Laura always has her Myzone belt on and has earned the bronze ranking!! She is one month away from silver, and I have no doubt she will achieve that.  She has been able to have ‘family challenges’ with myzone to help stay active and have fun outside of BFP as well. 

This past month Laura was open to trying jump rope (she would opt out before for a modification.) Now she is jumping everyday and meeting those daily challenges….even at home! She is a true example of trusting the process and getting out of your comfort zone will get you to places you may thought were not achievable!! Laura is a great addition to the BFP family 
and we are truly grateful to have you here!! 

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