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Check Out Our December Clients Of The Month

March 02, 20243 min read

A huge BFP shoutout to our Hampstead December Members of the Month: Ross Fowle and Katharine M Fowle !⭐

These two have been absolutely killing it since 2019 and are true OGs at BFP.🏆

Ross sets the bar high when it comes to technique—he's all about doing things right. He's the guy who'll dive in to assist a fellow member during an exercise or happily step up as the demo guy.💪 His dedication to staying open to feedback and being coachable🥇 is truly admirable. Those qualities act as his guiding compass, steering him towards his goals. And of course, the 8 am crew wouldn't be complete without his wild collection of crazy socks🧦 and those unforgettable Myzone screen names!🤣 If you see a goofy name on the screen, it’s probably Ross.

And then there's Kat, our ultimate Georgia Bulldogs defender, who brightens💫 up the room with her contagious smile😁 and genuine care for everyone around her. 💞Her consistency in training and openness to feedback are truly commendable. Dealing with a few injuries in the past, she's responded remarkably to our coaching, showing resilience and determination to overcome them.💪

Coaching these two over the years has been an absolute joy, especially seeing how they set a fantastic example of a healthy lifestyle for their kids. Their dedication to reaching their lifting🏋️‍♀️ goals while prioritizing their long-term health is beyond inspiring. They're not just lifting weights🏋️‍♀️; they're raising the bar for all of us at BFP!👊

When you bump into Ross and Kat at BFP, make sure to give them a high-five!👋 They're the December members of the month, and they absolutely deserve every bit of recognition. Big props to both of y’all.👏

Keep it up Fowle’s

Sneads Ferry Client of the Month Celebration: Let's Cheer for Allison Duvall!

Allison, you've come a long way on your fitness journey, and we couldn't be prouder of your progress! 🏋️‍♀️ Starting as a relative newcomer, you've quickly adapted and embraced the Breakaway Fitness and Performance spirit. Your positive attitude and eagerness to learn have made you an integral part of our FitFam.

🌟 Consistency Champion:
Allison, you're an absolute rockstar! Your commitment to fitness is unmatched, showing up for an impressive 12 sessions each month. Your dedication is not only a testament to your strength but also an inspiration to everyone around you. You're setting the bar high, and we love it!

💪 Striving for Excellence:
What sets you apart, Allison, is your relentless pursuit of excellence. 💫 Your commitment to being the best version of yourself is truly commendable. Your thirst for improvement is not only admirable but contagious, inspiring those around you to reach for their own personal bests.

🌈 A Shout Out to Allison:
Let's take a moment to shower Allison with the applause she truly deserves! 👏👏 Your journey with us has been remarkable, and we're grateful to witness your growth and determination. Keep pushing boundaries, and remember, you're not just a part of our gym; you're an integral piece of our fitness family.

🚀 Cheers to More Victories:
Here's to more victories, more breakthroughs, and more smiles, Allison! 🎊 Your enthusiasm, perseverance, and heart are what make Breakaway Fitness and Performance the incredible community it is.

We're honored to have you as our Client of the Month! 

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