Check Out Our August Clients Of The Month

Check Out Our August Clients Of The Month

November 14, 20233 min read

🌟BFP Hampstead Family Member Of The Month is Nicole Smith🌟

This month at BFP, we want to highlight Nicole Smith, who is an “OG” to the BFP family.💪 This is seriously long overdue because Nicole has been training with us for about eight years!!😱 I must say, it has been an absolute pleasure, not only to get to know her, but also to coach her over the years. When coaching Nicole, I know she is going to work her butt off, that is a given. She has an uncanny ability to grind out a challenging workout with a smile on her face as well as make every rep look impeccable. I am very impressed by her ability to have great form ALL.THE.TIME.👏

Nicole exemplifies what BFP is all about. On top of working hard every session and being consistent with her training, she shows kindness and support to her fellow peers, and motivates everyone by her actions in the gym. I have had numerous people come up to me and say, “I want to be just like Nicole one day.” Nicole, you may not know it, but a lot of people look up to you!🥰

Now, being a part of BFP for eight years is a big deal and during that time Nicole has quite a few accomplishments that I’ll brag about for her. I know for a fact that she has hit a few different PR’s in her lifts during testing days at BFP. Don’t mess with her, Nicole is strong!💪 In 2022, she and Rachel Carroll took first place in the BFP 2022 Combine event (I am pretty sure there have been other years that she made top three). Outside the gym, she has completed numerous Spartan races, participated in local Crossfit competitions, completed the Memorial Day Murph workout, and the list goes on…

Nicole, congrats on being member of the month. We are glad to have you be a part of BFP and we appreciate the heck out of you. Continue being positive and working hard because you never know who you're motivating.

Everyone, please show her some love 💕 in the comments or give her a fist bump👊 the next time you see her!
Coach Silas

BIG BFP SHOUTOUT TO OUR BFP Family Member of the Month: Lesleigh Thompson

Core Values: Hard work and Dedication

This month we would like to recognize Lesleigh Thompson as Client of the Month. As an educator, she has the summer off and has enjoyed it by sleeping

in and avoiding the dark and early classes. She attends the gym at whatever time works for her that day.

Lesleigh steps up to the plate and constantly knocks it out of the park with effort. Whether it is a strength day or a cardio day, she is here giving it to her all. We love that. Easily coachable and ready for any challenge you bring her way!

Keep showing up! Keep working hard!

Thank you for being a member of the BFP Family!

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