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August Client and Athlete Of The Month

November 14, 20232 min read

BFP Family Member Of The Month: Beth Ducey

Core Values: Constant Progress and Support

Beth Ducey was a unanimous vote for BFP Family Member of the month among the staff here at BFP! Beth shows up and works HARD 4-6 days per week! She not only just competed in her first BFP Fitness Combine but she is also going up up up in all her major lifts!! Beth using the BFP Next Level Accountability program to help keep her on track outside the gym and because she’s been so consistent, she’s dropped body fat and gained muscle!

Beth, thank you so much for exhibiting our core values in the way you constantly strive for progress and support others around you. Your care for others shined bright during the Fitness Combine as well as everyday in the gym. Keep it up and enjoy being the August BFP Family Member of The Month!

This month at BFP, I want to give a shout out to Brendan Parrella for being athlete of the month! Brendan started training at BFP this summer and the first day I met him, he was ready to roll! We had discussed his goals and he was dialed in on what he wanted to improve on. I’ve been training him privately and he also has been jumping in with the athlete sessions.

He will be a senior at Topsail and is gearing up for his cross country season. He will be one of the top 3 runners on the team this year! Along with being an athlete, he also wants to take his ROTC test which entails pushups, pullups, and situps. These were some of his goals when we first met, improving on those exercises. Besides staying busy, getting stronger and faster, he is a great kid to work with. Always has a positive attitude, very coachable, and works his butt off!

Brendan, thanks for being a great example to the younger athletes at BFP and congrats on being athlete of the month!

Coach Silas

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