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10 Steps For Setting and Actually Crushing Your Goal

November 14, 20237 min read

Everyone is setting goals right now. I know I know. Setting goals is something our teachers had us do in school. Or, you’ve set goals in the past and let them go some time in February. I’ve been there, on multiple occasions in fact.

It doesn’t mean that setting goals isn’t useful though. Taking time to evaluate where you are and where you want to be is valuable for numerous reasons!

Setting goals is only the first step. It’s that final piece of the puzzle. The fun, and the practical aspect of legitimately hitting a goal is in the planning and the practice. 

But wait, you say you planned it out last year and still didn’t hit?? Well me too. THere was a little thing called COVID out there that made it more difficult. Excuses aside, I’m here to help you re-focus, set a new goal or a few goals, and actually crush them.

So let’s get to work!

I’m going to give you 10 Steps to setting and staying on track with your goals.

10 Steps to Conquering Your Goals

1. FOCUS & DECIDE. Instead of choosing several goals to work on all at the same time, harness all that energy and focus it toward just 1-2 main goals. Seriously. Right now, and I mean right now, pick up your phone and schedule a day or a few hours ALL ALONE. No interruptions. This is your focus and decision time. Write out everything you’d like to accomplish this year. How many vacations? How many dates with your spouse? How many days per week reading the Bible? How much money would you like to save? How much weight would you like to use? How much muscle would you like to gain? How much money would you like to make this year? How many of your kid’s sports games will you clear your schedule for? Write it all out!!! Now, it’s time to trim-trash-or transfer. Trim the ones that aren’t at least a 9/10 doable within the year. Save those for another time. Create a wish list if needed. Now, trash the ones that aren’t even close or that you have no control over. Or maybe just the ones that aren’t as important. Transfer any remaining non-9/10’s to the wish list. 

2. Pick the goal with your BIGGEST WHY. 

This is the goal that you emotionally connect with and have a STRONG REASON for choosing. (example: “I want to have the energy to play with my kids.” - that’s a pretty big reason) 

It’s your “WHY” that keeps you going, so it has to be a good one. Think about your why. My why is always to create the best life for my family, show my wife how much I love her, and to lead by example for my kids. Yours could be the same or maybe it’s to propel your career forward. Maybe you want to impact as many people as possible. Either way, if you don’t get all emotional and excited about it, it’s not the goal. Transfer or trash it.

3. COMMIT (No, Really.) Commit the right amount of resources (time, energy, and attention) to make your goal a reality. Treat it like anything else important in your life - because it IS! If it’s losing weight, you may need a gym membership. Grab our FREE WEEK here to see if we are a good fit. Maybe you need to google some educational courses to help you improve your value in the professional world. Maybe you need to go ahead and ask off of work for that vacation you want to schedule. Maybe you need to hit up Dave Ramsey and use his system to help you get rid of some debt. Maybe you need to announce it to the public to help hold you accountable. If you are at BFP, we have a Coach to help you along the way!


4. MAKE A PLAN. Every Sunday, set aside 15-30 minutes to plan out your week and make sure you have what you need on-hand and ready to go. Start from the end goal. Break it down into quarterly Skills. Then break those skills down into monthly or bi-weekly habits. If possible, go even smaller. Be ruthlessly consistent with the little things and have self-compassion when you aren’t.

Then, every night take 3-5 minutes to make sure you’re on track for the next day. This makes a HUGE difference!


5. TAKE ACTION. This is actually the MOST IMPORTANT STEP of all. You won’t reach your goals without consistent action.

Do something daily that moves you closer to your goal. As I stated above, go as small as possible so you can be as consistent as possible. Here’s a useful planning sheet from Precision Nutrition you can use


6. GET SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY. Tell trusted friends and family members what you’re working toward.

Or even better, work with an experienced coach who will help you get (and stay) on-track with a proven program.

With someone in your corner, when you have a “win” or a setback, you have someone to share it with and that will help spur your motivation to keep moving forward. Here’s that link again to schedule your initial coaching session with us here at BFP and to get started on your free week!


7. SET DEADLINES. Don’t skip this one! Without having a specific date to shoot toward, you don’t have any URGENCY to take action.

When you feel a clock ticking down toward your goals, it will help you light a fire of motivation. Seriously. This is important. More importantly, set realistic deadlines. Break those goals down as small as possible and and allow yourself enough time to hit those small steps.


8. GIVE YOURSELF A REWARD. When you meet milestones along the way toward your goals, reward yourself with a healthy payoff! New shoes, workout gear, a book, or a massage are great choices. Or, you could set the timeline from above to end on a vacation date. Then you have no choice but to hit your goal!


9. MANAGE EXPECTATIONS.  Making changes and going after goals can take time and effort. Be patient and stay the course!

Give your plan time to work … and know that some days will be easier than others. 

Just keep repeating step 5 (taking action). Progress is always progress. Even when small.


10. REEVALUATE. Do a quick evaluation of where you’re at every few weeks. 

Are you killing it and staying on track? (woohoo!) 

Or, are you following the plan? 

Or, are you following the plan and it’s not working?


This is where a coach can make a big difference - because they have an experienced, big-picture view of your goals and can help you accelerate your results. 


Let us help you create your personalized plan to reach your goals.


We have a PROVEN track record for success! 

I’m super excited to announce the 4 Week 2021 BFP Transformation Challenge!


It’s the perfect way to get some help in doing everything we mentioned above. With a little guidance, support, and accountability we can get you where you want to go! Click here to learn more about this year’s all new program!


Remember – this is YOUR year to shine, and I can’t wait to see you succeed!


Committed to Your Success,

Coach Joe

P.S. THIS is why we do what we do ….. 

Kerry McDaniel:

“Best. Gym. Ever. I have tried all of the others, and Breakaway is beyond compare. I get smiles and high fives every time I walk in, and I walk out feeling like an athlete after every workout. There’s something new to try all the time, and the coaches are there to make sure I do it right without injury. If you want a personal training experience among friends in an uplifting environment, Breakaway is for you!”

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