Youth Athletic Development

Youth Athletic Development

Who Is The BFP Athletic Development Program For?

Does your youth athlete sleep, eat, and breath sports? Does he or she enjoy competing with other like minded kids at the highest level they can possibly play? For youth athletes that want to maximize their potential, Breakaway Fitness & Performance is a group strength & conditioning program that will build them into a high(er) performing athlete by employing a “team like” atmosphere and a college educated staff.

What Makes BFP Different?

Much like with our adults, we pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships with the individuals we work with. With youth, this gives us an opportunity to help build the future of our local community and teach them to be great on and off the field. BFP also provides a structured and planned training program for your athlete so that they can peak just at the right time.

We offer coaching in 2 different developmental groups at ages 10-13 and 14-18.

What Is The BFP Coaching Philosophy:

At BFP, we go to great lengths to ensure that our coaches have the highest education and training in order to offer you the most effective programming based on your specific goals. We approach training from a Coach’s perspective. Our goal is to be your athlete’s guide on a path to self-actualization in nutrition and fitness. Our program includes the right combinations of athletic strength and conditioning to take your youth athlete to the next level and build confidence in their given sport.

Think BFP Is The Right Place For Your Youth Athlete?

Then take the next step and call schedule their initial assessment at 910-208-0771 or feel free to email at

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