BFP Nutrition Coaching

BFP Nutrition Coaching

BFP offers Nutritional Counseling Based On Hands-On, Practical Experience Backed By Science, Not Popular Media.


Here at BFP, our goal is not to sit here and criticize different dietary approaches. In fact, we want to meet you where you are. If you want to eat paleo, then we got you! If you want to eat vegan, we can work with you as well. Our goal isn’t to say there is only one way or no way. We understand that everyone is different whether it be genetics, activity level, physiology, or even their mindset. Our goal is to develop a plan that leads to long term success while keeping your preferences, lifestyle choices, and values in mind.


Properly Controls Energy Balance
Provides Nutrient Density
Achieves Health, Body Composition, And Performance Goals
Is Honest And Outcome Based
Is Sustainable For Both Us And The Planet

If you’d like to learn more, email us at or call at 910-208-0771

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