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Mobility Exercises For The Overhead Athlete

November 14, 20231 min read

Are you an athlete that performs a lot of movements overhead during your sport? Movements, such as hitting or throwing? If so, maintaining strength, stability and mobility in the shoulders is critical, especially if your training.

In terms of training, if you are lacking mobility in your shoulders, meaning you don’t have full range within the joint to do certain movements, there is a chance you are compensating in other areas and may get an injury. Maybe not soon, but eventually it’ll catch up to you. Take care of those shoulders and they’ll take care of you!

Ok, how do I fix these issues? Check out the video link below because I have some awesome mobility exercises you can do to improve the mobility in your shoulders. All you need is a lacrosse ball, a band with somewhere to anchor it, and 10 minutes.

With the lacrosse ball, you will perform, what we call “smashing.” Smashing is a technique that allows you to put pressure on a certain area of the body. On top of smashing, if you add movement while you smash, this is a great way to break up the soft tissue. The band is used to create a pulling effect, which helps reset the joint in a sense. It allows you to push a little further in your stretch because of that pulling effect.

Check em out, try em out, and do em!

List of exercises on video: (spend 10m hitting all these exercises at least 2d/wk)

Pec smash

Scap smash

Banded Bully Stretch

Banded Pec Stretch

Banded Lat Stretch

Coach Silas

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