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March Athlete and Client of the Month

November 14, 20232 min read

This month at BFP we want to give a shout out to Tanner Kereszturi for being athlete of the month! Tanner started training at BFP about 7-8 months ago in our middle school group. He brings a great attitude every training session and is super coachable.

In the beginning, everything was new to him and not everything came easy. After being consistent, now Tanner can do everything I throw at him. He moves a lot better and is showing confidence in his lifts!

One funny note on Tanner, he loves to climb things. I’ll usually give the kids 5m before the session to do whatever (as long as it’s safe) and get it out of their system. Most kids will toss a ball around or play catch, not Tanner. He will start climbing, anything! Most the time he sticks to the rig and climbs to the monkey bars or rings, but sometimes i’ll catch him climbing something he shouldn’t…haha

Tan-man, keep working hard and keep smiling! Congrats on being athlete of the month at BFP!

Coach Silas

#BFP Family Member of The Month: Biz Zeller

Core Value: Constant Progress and Accountability

Elisabeth (Biz) has been on fire ever since joining BFP! Every single session, Biz brings words of encouragement to others and works her absolute hardest. She seeks out coaching in an attempt to get better every time at the gym and it has paid off through better results for Biz!

Biz has shown constant progress over time while here at BFP. Not through eating the most trendy diet at the time or cutting her calories super low but by executing regularly on small habit changes and working out 4x per week. Since Biz started at BFP she has lost a whopping 8% bodyfat!!! She’s gained over 3lbs of muscle and lost more than 7lbs of fat!!! More recently, Biz began working with an accountability coach at BFP to help hold her accountable outside of the gym as well and dropped over 4% bodyfat since January 1st 2019!

Biz is a shining example of doing what it takes to get constant progress over time and understand the benefit of accountability when one has physical goals. She does what she says she’s going to do, no matter the outcome. Not only that, but she is srong as heck and does it with a smile always!

Thanks for the energy Biz and thanks for always having such an amazing attitude when working out, even during #burpees !

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