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Check Out Our New Hampstead Family Member of the Month!!!

November 14, 20232 min read

This month I want to spotlight Courtney Winter as our member of the month at BFP. 

Courtney has been a part of the BFP family since late 2019. She came to us as a runner who wanted to get faster by complimenting her running with strength training.

When she is training at BFP, her work ethic does not go unnoticed. I always hear her cheering on her fellow members and leading by example as she pushes herself as well as her peers. I can honestly say every time I coach her, she gives it 100% for that session.    

The reason I wanted to spotlight her this month is that she is having a comeback! I applaud her for how she has handled the last year.  In a sense, life kicked her down, as she battled an injury and then followed that up with surgery.  She had some mental roadblocks, as she was limited in what she could do for a while and wasn’t where she used to be in terms of performance. I get that, but I admire her patience to do what she could in the gym and with her running.  She stuck to the plan.    
As time went on, we had a few conversations about her being nervous to sign up for a race. I told her to just sign up and run it for fun and see what happens. Since that race, I could tell her confidence has risen in and out of the gym. I’ve seen her sign up for a few more races, watched her hit some PRs on her lifts, and do it all with an attitude of gratitude. Congrats on taking the first step Courtney and letting that turn into a plethora of accomplishments. Big or small, every victory counts!      

When she is not training, Courtney is a business owner, Events By P3. She has been a big contributor to the BFP combine event as she has been the photographer for the last few years.  She is also a neighbor of mine, and believe me, I can vouch for her consistency in training, as I see her running and working out often in the neighborhood.  

Courtney, we appreciate having you be a part of the BFP family.  Keep up the hard work in 2023! 

Coach Silas  

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