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BFP Running Guide

November 14, 20234 min read

Running is defined as the “fastest” means for an animal to move on foot! This complex and coordinated process we call running, involves the entire body! When running, there are two systems that are primarily used: aerobic (oxidative) energy system and anaerobic (anaerobic) energy system. The aerobic energy system is typically used for any form of physical activity that lasts longer than two minutes. For example, a distance runner or long-distance cycler. The anaerobic energy system is typically used for quick, explosive bouts of activity. A great example of an anaerobic exercise is sprinting! 

Now that we understand the different energy systems that will be primarily used when running, let's discuss the equipment recommended to ensure we are comfortable from head to toe! Having adequate equipment when running is a must! Let’s start from the bottom and work our way to the top! Shoes are VERY important when running! You should make sure you are running in the shoe that works best for you. For example, if you have weak/falling arches, you should be aware of that and wear shoes or purchase insoles that will support your feet! If you are interested in finding out more about your feet or ankles, Fleet Feet is a great resource with knowledgeable staff to ensure you are purchasing the best shoe for your running needs. 

Next, let's discuss the ideal clothing for your next run! Please dress according to the weather! In the spring or summer months, wear light and breathable clothing! Ideally, we would have gear (socks, shorts, shirts and hats) that will use your sweat to cool you down versus something that doesn’t absorb your sweat and bogs you down! Fall and Winter seasons, you should also dress according to the weather! Your clothing should be the opposite of your Spring and Summer gear, meaning it should keep you warm, especially when you start to sweat! Hats and gloves are absolutely recommended in the fall/winter months to keep extremities warm.

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Lastly before we talk about hitting the road, hydration! Couple tips and tricks to ensure we are properly hydrated for our distance of choice when hitting the road. If you are planning to start running or picking up your mileage as the weather changes remember, DRINK WATER!  Water is going to be your best friend when preparing to run, especially in the heat. Ideally, you should drink about half of your body weight in ounces. Drinking water the day before, 15-20 minutes before your run (maybe paired with a light snack), as well as following your run will ensure you are adequately hydrated. If you are a seasoned runner with the ability to run for an hour comfortably, adding some electrolytes (Gatorade/Powerade/UCann) will give you the additional boost you need to continue your run. If the electrolyte drinks are too sweet, you can always water them down! 
Guess what everyone?!?! We are ready to run! We have all our running gear! We are properly hydrated and fueled for the run! We are mentally prepared to give it our all! What is next?

Getting ready physically for running will look and feel similar to getting ready physically for lifting weights! We want to make sure the body is ready for the stress of the run! We don’t want to jump right into the run. We want to ensure that our bodies are ready! Easing into your run with a walk or a very light jog would be a great place to start! Listen to your body during this time (about five or ten minutes) to realistically set your goal for that run! After your five or ten minutes of movement. Stop and begin to warm up further with dynamic stretches, starting with more mobilization exercises working your way to more explosive exercises. Sample exercises listed below. Complete each movement down and back (20 yards from start to finish).

  • Straight leg kicks

  • Heel sweeps

  • Walking lunges + Rotation 

  • Quad pull + RDL

  • Butt kickers

  • High knees

  • Carioca

  • A Skips

  • B Skips

  • Accelerations

You should be sweating and ready! Let’s do it! Don’t go all out on day one! The risk versus reward isn’t in your favor. Start slow and remain consistent in your endeavors with running! A great way to increase your running ability is to start by running intervals. For example, 3 minutes of walking, followed by 2 minutes of running! You can repeat this cadence until you hit your goal for the day! As we progress with consistency, that cadence will become easier, and you can adjust the time you run/walk or eliminate the walking altogether.

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