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Check Out Our June BFP Family Members Of The Month!

November 14, 20233 min read

This month we want to show some love to Laura Monroy! She trains during the 11:30 session and has been a part of BFP for 2+ years. Don’t let her small stature fool you, she is as strong


as anybody at BFP pound for pound.

I've seen her transform her body since starting at BFP. She is stronger and leaner by being diligent in the gym


and at home with her nutrition


. Over the last 2 years at BFP, she has lost 4-5% body fat, 7-8 lbs of fat, and gained 3-4 lbs of muscle. Those are numbers that she has maintained over the last 6+ months. That’s awesome Laura!


A big contributing factor is how super consistent Laura is with her workouts, as she is GOLD status on Myzone (12+ months), meaning she makes sure to get her 3-4 days a week at BFP.

Laura is ready to push anyone in the 11:30 session and she will lay it all on the line during a workout. Did you know, after every workout, she will bolt out the door and knock out 2-3 laps


in the parking lot to finish her session. I’ll see her zoom by and think to myself, she’s the energizer bunny!

Quick story about Laura, first and foremost, I applaud


her because she truly is all about BFP. She will volunteer for every event we host or put on and we love her for that. This story is about her volunteering at the latest DEKA event we hosted at BFP. She spent all day judging competitors and after the event was coming to an end, she got a little “peer pressure” from the event organizer and husband to run through the event herself. Now granted, I am sure she was ready to go home and probably really hungry, BUT she did it! She stepped up to the plate and actually did really well in the event. It was awesome to see her determination, especially when she got to the last exercise, burpees.


Laura, congrats on being our member of the month and I hope you know that we all appreciate you at BFP. Keep doing your thing!@Laura Monroy

Coach Silas

BFP Family Member of the Month: Chris Rainey


Core Values: Consistency and Dedication


This month we would like to recognize Chris Rainey as the Client of the Month. New to North Carolina, she quickly acclimated herself into the culture and is now a staple at the 8am session. Despite having a job that requires travel, she makes a point to get it in!

Whenever she is in town, she is consistent with her training. Chris shows up to each session to improve! She has definitely gained strength


in the year (slightly longer) that she has been training here at BFP. All major lifts have improved due to her consistency and tenacity with training!

Not only does she work hard. Not only is she consistent. She also takes care of other members. For example, grabbing equipment needed for the warm up or by cleaning someone’s station when they are done with it.

Keep being a great person. Keep working hard. Thanks for being a member of the BFP Family.


Coach Justin

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