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Check Out Our January Hampstead Athlete and Client of the Month!!

November 14, 20233 min read

This month we want to recognize Sydney Winter as our BFP athlete of the month!  She has been training at BFP for a little over a year and has been crushing it.  She participates in gymnastics throughout the week/weekend, so needless to say, she has her plate full.    

At BFP, Sydney tends to be quiet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t push her during the sessions.  She works hard and challenges her peers to do the same.  She is a “chip off the ole block” if I may say, because she reminds me so much of her mother, Courtney Winter (who also trains at BFP).  Both ladies have the mindset to work hard and do it right, all while being super coachable.  We appreciate that as coaches!  


Sydney is actually a neighbor of mine, so I get to see her often.  I’ll see her on her longboard cruising the neighborhood, playing a little hoops with some friends, or walking her dog.  She stays active and it’s great to see her not be stuck inside.  


I see tons of potential for Sydney, and I have to keep reminding myself that she is in middle school and it could be the fact that she is already taller than me that throws me off, but she still has plenty of years to grow and get strong.  


Sydney, keep up the hard work and continue being awesome!  


Coach Silas  

This month we want to recognize a long time client, Kristi Haas!  This is definitely overdue because she’s been a part of BFP for a while and has been awesome since the beginning.  She always greets the coaches with a great big smile and is super supportive during the sessions.  I’ll see her cheering other people on and offer words of encouragement during sessions that are “grinders”.  That’s just who Kristi is and that's been a constant since day one.

Quick story, when I first met Kristi, she came to a workout that incorporated jump rope.  It may even have been a jump rope workshop.  Anyways, this is the moment I saw how determined she was.  For the life of her, she could not coordinate the movement and I could see her starting to get frustrated.  I gave her some tips and after that day, she continued to work on it.  She practiced at home or during the sessions and pretty soon she had her ah-ha moment.  I will always admire her for not quitting and seeing it through.    

Having Kristi as a member for a while, we have seen her grow over the years.  Her fitness journey has had some major milestones and accomplishments in those years.  

  • She has improved her strength and body composition with consistency in training and nutrition

  • She has participated in local races as well as conquered numerous Spartan races 

  • She has competed in the BFP combine for many years (maybe all of them) 


Haas, we are proud to have you as a member at BFP.  Keep kicking butt and uplifting everyone around you.  Next time y’all see her, give her a fist bump or join in with her while she dances to some hip hop music.


Coach Silas

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