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Check Out Our January Athlete of the Month!!

November 14, 20231 min read

This month I want to acknowledge and give a shout out to Cam Rickabaugh for being the athlete of the month at BFP!  Cam has been training at BFP since middle school and currently, he is wrapping up his sophomore year at Topsail High School.  So I have known Cam for a while now.  His parents (Brad and Katie) also are members of BFP and are setting a great example of long-term health and fitness.      

When it comes to his training, he has been very consistent for a good part of a year, and “let me tell you”, this kid is turning into a man!  It’s amazing how progressive strength training can transform a teenager if they stay consistent with it.  I gotta give it to Cam for dialing it in this year and really owning his training.  He’s definitely gotten stronger on all his lifts, his speed and quickness have improved and it’s been awesome to guide him along this process.  

On top of being dedicated to his training, he is also dedicated to his sport.  Every since I’ve known Cam, baseball has been his sport.  He is the catcher, which in my opinion is a challenging position to play in baseball.  You need to have great hand-eye coordination to catch the pitch, need to be able to stay in a crouched position for a while, and you have to be able to throw down a runner in a split second.  I know he wants to play after high school, so I am excited to see him continue to grow over the next couple of years.    

Cam, congrats on being athlete of the month, and keep up the hard work!

Coach Silas

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