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Asparagus=Pee stinks???

November 14, 20231 min read

Have you heard of asparagusic acid?

Me neither…

Until I became curious as to why my urine had such a STRONG ODOR after eating asparagus!!!

The basic explanation is that this unique acid, specifically found in asparagus, is broken down into chemicals containing sulfur. Now I am not a chemist or anything like that, but from my research I found that any item that contains sulfur typically has a powerful smell to it.These items include garlic, arugula, coconut milk, and others.

However, the fact that they contain sulfur is NOT the only reason for why it creates such a distinct, bad odor in the urine. The characteristic that is responsible for this odor is called volatile. This allows for the smell to become gaseous which then travels through the air from your urine to your nose.

I was interested to also read about experiments done on why some people do not smell this substance after eating asparagus. There are one of two explanations for it but I have yet to find the answer on which is true.

One belief is that the few of those who don’t notice the smell is because they do not produce this aroma when they digest asparagus.

The second belief is that they do produce the aroma but simply do not have the ability to smell it.

What do you guys think?

Coach Lopez

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