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17 NOV 2021 Check out our November Athlete and Clients of the Month!!

November 14, 20233 min read

This month I wanted to give a shout out to Chris Horni for being athlete of the month at BFP!  Chris has been training at BFP for about 6+ months and has been crushing it.  I gotta say, he is a fast learner in regards to lifting and general movement.  To his credit, he came in and demonstrated his athleticism and ability to be coached right away, which is AWESOME!  


Chris plays soccer and he is all about it!  I love his passion for the sport and the way he “glows” when talking about it.  He understands that strength and speed work will help him reach his potential and I appreciate him letting us coaches progress him appropriately.  


He trains with the middle school aged athletes and I love seeing him get along with his peers.  Just the other day, he and some other kids were playing “paper, rock, scissors” during a rest break from our speed work.  I know it was a simple game, but at the same time, it was nice to see the interaction b/w kids who are not in the same grade.  


Every month, I can see his confidence go up.  During his training sessions, he has worked his way up to having the option to use a barbell for most of his lifts.  This is a big deal because each athlete has to show us that they are ready to progress to a barbell and he has shown us that he is capable. 


Chris congrats on being athlete of the month and keep up the hard work!

Coach Silas 


This month, we want to recognize some pretty cool people who train hard and are fun to be around, Amanda (A-Rod) and Juan!  Amanda is consistent, pretty much every day at the 11:30 session, strolling in with a smile on her face.  If she is accompanied by Juan, he comes in saying “Hola, Como Estas?” for which I usually butcher my reply because I am terrible with spanish.  Anyways, from the get-go, they always bring good energy to the session and I love their encouragement/support to everyone they train with.      


I want to applaud A-Rod for being a trouper because a few months back, during our warm-up, she tore her calf muscle, UGH!  I felt terrible for her because she was just getting back into the gym after some time off, but that did not stop her from coming.  She showed up everyday, in her boot and I modified what was needed.  I am proud of her for continuing to train because an injury can set you back, only if you let it.  If any of y’all reading this have ever had an injury, it’s easy to throw in the towel and postpone your fitness with a loooong break, but it takes determination to continue on the path, so once again, A-Rod, I applaud you for sticking through your injury. 


I want to recognize Juan for his ability to get the most out of other people.  Any time there is a partner day, I’d recommend to partner up with Juan.  He is going to push you and make sure you worked hard that day!  If you’ve ever partnered up with him, you know...     


One last thing to mention is that Amanda and Juan both just competed in the BFP Combine and they rocked it!  They were last minute to sign up, but it was awesome seeing both of them grind it out that day and I know they secretly “loved” it, especially Juan because he and Jordan Denning took 2nd place!  


Next time you see these two, give 'em’ a high five or hell yeah (Juan’s famous word when working out). 

Coach Silas

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