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Put Your Hands Together For Our April Clients Of The Month

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Put Your Hands Together For Our April Clients Of The Month



Patti Cain is one of the most supportive people we know! Patti was one of our original clients back when we first kicked off in 2013. She took a short break but has been back now for just over a year and is rocking it!

Not only does Patti have an awesome squat, deadlift, bench, and clean, but she recently completed her first Spartan race and CRUSHED IT!

Patti represents our core value and got the nod for BFP Family Member of the month through us as coaches doing a little bit of listening to her during her regular sessions and her Spartan workouts. No matter what, Patti is constantly cheering others on and helping them when they need help. Especially some of the folks that might be less confident in themselves. Somehow Patti is always there to help build their confidence and get them moving in the right direction.

One thing we didn’t mention was how hard Patti works. Patti gets up before the sun rises, and gets here consistently every week, and gives it her all! You know that when Patti comes in the door that no matter what, she will be ready to get after it and have a smile on her face the entire time! Patti, thank you for always lifting up others around you and working super hard every time you are here!! You rock!!



This month I would like to recognize Maeve Farrell as our athlete of the month! Just like her two older sisters, Mary-Claire and Molly, she is a such a joy to work with. I’ve known/worked with Maeve for a good 3-4 years and it’s always fun to watch someone go from grade school to middle school and so on and see how well they develop through fitness and as a person.

My favorite thing about her is how well she interacts with everyone. I like to think of Maeve as my assistant coach in the middle school sessions. She will not let anyone slack or even let me start the session one minute late. She keeps me and everyone else on their toes for sure!

Maeve is coachable, asks questions, and works super duper hard. She sets a great example for everyone else she is working with and I am pumped to continue to watch her grow up. Congrats Maeve on being athlete of the month! Keep it up!


Silas Perreault

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