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  • 10 Steps For Setting and Actually Crushing Your Goal

    10 Steps For Setting and Actually Crushing Your Goal

    Everyone is setting goals right now. I know I know. Setting goals is something our teachers had us do in school. Or, you’ve set goals in the past and let them go some time in February. I’ve been there, on multiple occasions in fact. It doesn’t mean that setting goals isn’t useful though. Taking time to evaluate where you are and where you want to be is valuable for numerous reasons! Setting goals is only the first step. It’s that final piece of the puzzle. The fun, and the practical aspect of legitimately hitting a goal is in the planning and the practice. But wait, you say you planned it out last year and still didn’t hit?? ....

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  • Check out our December Athlete and Client of the Month!!

    Check out our December Athlete and Client of the Month!!

    Whew, if yall want to push hard during a morning workout, try and keep up with Heather Martin! I have had the opportunity to coach her for a good part of a year, and let me tell you, this lady will take it to the limits. As a coach, I value her work ethic and the energy she brings during the session. She uplifts her fellow peers with positive cheers and definitely leads by example. Heather is a military spouse and mom of 3 kids. I understand that all of those can provide obstacles within themselves. I can tell she priorities health and fitness, even if she has to bring her kids with her, she still carves out time for herself to train. Hopefully, they see the hard work she is ....

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  • Different Ways to Grip the Barbell

    Different Ways to Grip the Barbell

    Have you ever given any thought to the grip you use when lifting a barbell? Well if not, just know when gripping a barbell, there are a variety of grips that can be used for certain exercises and each one serves a purpose. Some will allow you to lift a little more weight, while some will put you in a stronger, stable position and maybe help you work around an injury. One thing we should strive for with each grip is to have a neutral wrist. Check out the different styles of grips below and take note that the origin behind these grips begins from the anatomical position. The pronated grip or “overhand” grip is going to be the most common grip used for ....

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  • Check Out Our November Athlete and Client of the Month!!

    Check Out Our November Athlete and Client of the Month!!

    This month I want to give a shoutout to Ryder Peterson for being athlete of the month at BFP! Ryder has been very consistent with attending his training sessions since the beginning of the 2020 year, (minus the break from the COVID shutdown). On a side note, I felt like he shot up a few inches during that time because now he towers over me by 3-4 inches! He trains during the middle school session on Monday/Wednesday and he puts a lot of effort into his workouts, whether he’s challenging the weight he uses or exploring new movements. I can honestly say, Ryder is a genuine person and always has a smile on his face. He respects everyone he trains with and it’s ....

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  • Black Friday

    BLACK FRIDAY DEALS AT BFP Deal 1:Grab our 28 Day Jumpstart Program for only $59! The 28 Jumpstart is a 4 week program that allows you 12 Group Personal Training Sessions A 1 on 1 Initial Coaching Session with one of our coaches Weekly Habits To Focus on to build a solid foundation that will last for years to come! Click Here To Grab This Deal!! If you'd like to upgrade and add Daily Nutrition Coaching to the program for a total of $99, click here! Deal 2: With Deal 2 you get 50% off your first month with any of our 6 month memberships! This gives you full access to our Group Personal Training Program, a private accountability coach, access to BFP Community events, ....

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  • FU 2020 Challenge at BFP

    FU 2020 Challenge at BFP

    2020 has been your best year ever, right? I mean, you’re living with an abundance of health, happiness, and wealth aren’t you? And I’m sure everyone around you is too. Let’s face it, your health, your life, and your world is downright AWESOME!!!! Or maybe it’s not. Oh...right, that’s because unless you are in a 0.000000001% class of your own or you’ve been living in an alternate universe, then 2020 has NOT been the best year ever. Why? Hmmmmm. Let’s see if we can figure it out. Maybe it’s because 2020 has been a year filled with negativity and loss. You, your family, your ....

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  • Check Out Our October Athlete and Client of the Month!

    Check Out Our October Athlete and Client of the Month!

    This month at BFP, I want to give a shout out to Savannah Lambert for being athlete of the month! She has been training at BFP for a few years and it has been awesome to see her grow into a strong woman. She is a “go-getter” and honestly someone I can rely on to consistently show up for her training sessions. That makes a HUGE difference and it has shown in her training! On top of that, I appreciate how hard she pushes during her training session and I know it’s rubbed off onto other people. A little bit about Savannah. She is a junior at Topsail and playing basketball is what she loves to do. I can relate to her love for the game because when I was her age, ....

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  • The Importance of Vitamin D

    The Importance of Vitamin D

    It’s starting to get a bit cooler here in NC. Do you know what this means??? You might need to be more mindful of your vitamin D! I know for me personally, I find that this time of year, with less exposure to sunlight, more down time indoors, and it getting darker outside faster, it’s easy to get a little down feeling here and there at times. Just me??? Well, that’s ok! Let’s keep rolling haha. This time of the year, especially up North, and for some here in NC, your Vitamin D levels might be significantly lower as we head into the fall/winter. This can have effects beyond bone issues, it can lead to decreased levels of energy and possibly depressive like ....

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  • How to Increase Knee and Shoulder Mobility

    How to Increase Knee and Shoulder Mobility

    We all have joint troubles to some degree. It could be something simple like an inability to drive your elbows forward on a hang clean, or something more debilitating like not being able to raise your arm over your head. I have knee and shoulder issues myself so I decided to research exercises for these two joints in order to increase my mobility and reduce pain. I figured I’d share my findings with y’all! The Shoulder: One of the most common shoulder issues is stiffness in the muscles surrounding the back of the shoulder joint. This is because almost everything we do on a daily basis requires our shoulders to be in the front of the socket. When we type on the ....

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  • If you've already tried fad diet, don't read this. It'll break your heart.

    If you've already tried fad diet, don't read this. It'll break your heart.

    This isn’t an article about a new fad diet. This isn’t a blog about a super low calorie diet to do for 1 month while you drink shakes twice a day and hae a meal 1x per day. We aren’t talking about eating steak and a side of fat with fat added to your coffee either. This is however, an article that’s going to present a super non-sexy way to help you achieve weight loss, muscle gain, fat loss, or anything you want with nutrition. Spoiler alert, it’s been around a long time. In fact, we mentioned it briefly in last week’s blog from Coach Jay and her blog titled “Are You Eating Enough?” First, I’d like to start with ....

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