Youth Training in Hampstead

Set Your Young Athlete Up For Success With Hampstead's Premier Youth Training

Does your young athlete eat, sleep, and breathe sports? Does he or she enjoy competing with other like-minded kids at the highest levels? For young athletes who want to maximize their potential, Breakaway Fitness & Performance offers a group strength and conditioning program that will help create high-performing athletes in a supportive, ego-free environment. Our youth training is available for athletes across Hampstead, Surf City, Wilmington, and beyond.

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What Makes Our Youth Training Unique?

Much like with our adult programs, we pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships with each young athlete. In this way, our team at Breakaway Fitness & Performance is proud to help build the future of our local community and teach young athletes to be great -- both on and off the field. We'll provide structured training programs in two subsets of developmental ages, one program for athletes ages 10-13 and one for ages 14-18. 

Our youth training program offers:
  • Effective strength training and development for young athletes
  • A personalized approach to fitness, nutrition, and athletics
  • Improvement in your athlete's chosen sport
  • A motivating, supportive environment to train

At Breakaway Fitness & Performance, we hope to give back to our community here in Hampstead by helping local youth athletes thrive. Our youth training gives every kid the opportunity to pursue athletics seriously, to learn the value of hard work, and to connect with new friends and mentors.

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If your young athlete wants to improve in their chosen sport and take on high-level youth training, join us at Breakaway Fitness & Performance and let's work together to create a brighter future! With our convenient location in Hampstead, we can help local athletes as well as kids from Surf City and Wilmington get access to high-quality youth training in a supportive, ego-free atmosphere.

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Our Youth Training Classes Are Located In

  • Hampstead
  • Sneads Ferry

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