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Stay Fit, Reduce Stress, & Belong to a Healthy Online Community, While Supporting Local Small Businesses

(All From the Comfort of Your Own Home)

It's a challenging time for local small businesses like ours, but we're here to prove that our community is stronger together.

How the 21-Day BFP At-Home Challenge Works

1. You make a donation in the amount of your choice. (Starting at just $20)

- 50% of that donation will be used to purchase giftcards from local small businesses. (Then we'll give the giftcard to you, when you complete the challenge.)

- 50% of that donation will be used to help our team members during these uncertain times.


2. You get access to our Live Virtual Training Sessions and recordings.

- Our virtual training sessions are different from any online training you've ever experienced. We have 2 coaches on every session to demonstrate the exercises, explain the workout, AND since the video is 2-way, correct your form. It's as close as you can get to a group session in our gym and WAY better than trying to do it on your own. (All training sessions can be done without equipment but we also have options with single pieces of gym equipment or, household items!)

- Live sessions are held Monday-Friday at 530am, 830am, 1130am, & 6pm and Saturdays at 830am

- All sessions are recorded, so if you can't make it live, you can do the workouts any time, any place... (Well, not any place exactly, but you can always pick a different room in your home ;)

- Your kids/significant other are welcome to join you in the sessions.

3. You become part of our BFP Online Facebook Accountability Group.

This is the online gathering place for the BFP Fam. This is where you can share your successes, ask nutrition questions, share your 'sweaty selfies', or post anything that will help us all become happier, healthier, & stronger.

4. When you attend 9 live virtual training sessions, you choose your favorite local small business and we will give them 50% of your donation by buying a giftcard for you.

It's a truly a win-win-win:

- You stay active and healthy during these crazy times AND get a giftcard to your favorite local business.

- Your favorite business gets some much needed cash flow during these difficult times.

- We can support our full-time and part-time coaches and have the opportunity to introduce you to our community.


Why We're Doing This

My name is Joe Rouse. I am the owner of Breakaway Fitness & Peformance.

I’m a local guy to “The Stead”. I graduated from right here in Hampstead at Topsail High School and got my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from UNCW.

This is my home.

I started BFP 7 years ago to help my community become happier, healthier, & stronger together.

At BFP, we are more than just 4 walls with some equipment inside them. We are local fitness leaders who really care about our community. During these stressful times, we are looking to deliver you some happiness through fitness as an investment in the future of our community & our business.

Never Done Virtual Training? Here Are Some Reviews…

We've Served Our Community Since 2009

(And our community needs us more now than ever)

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about this gym! It is very welcoming environment with coaches who motivate and encourage as well as offer suggestions on ways to improve and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and safely! There is no guesswork, you know exactly what exercises you will be doing that session and they are always changing it up to keep it fresh and challenging. I highly recommend!"

Kelly Brantley

STELLAR place to train

I started at BFP as a “friend” on a “free week” trial they were promoting to friends of current members. What I thought would be a free week doing some different workouts than I’m used to doing on my own, turned into more than a year of me becoming a stronger/more agile athlete and more importantly, a better person.

Joe and the entire team at BFP have made my gym experience (one of the only ones I’ve ever stuck to) remarkable. They not only strive to push you; they build community, trust and partnership to motivate you to be a better WHOLE version of yourself.

Science has proven that Motivation begins with relationships...and BFP has this down to an art form. If you’re looking to be a part of an incredible community of people & become inspired to put the grit in and better your body composition, speed, strength, agility and overall mindset, BFP is the place to be! #BFPStrong

Kristina Wolfe

"I recently joined BFP after finishing the Sprint to Spring Break Challenge. I was looking for something to help me kick start my goals to losing weight and getting in shape! After several failed attempts and lack of motivation I was creeping on Facebook and this BFP challenge popped up in my feed. I expected it to be a great way to learn a little about nutrition and get me motivated to keep going after the challenge. I wasn’t expecting the AMAZING people and coaches that would coach, train, and support me throughout the 21 days. Going to the gym was a big step for me all on its own. I knew right away that I would be more successful in accomplishing my goals in this type of gym atmosphere than any other place, including just working out at home. I couldn’t NOT JOIN!! Lol. The accountability and the support from everyone is AWESOME and constant!!. I know even in struggles with ups and downs, I’ll feel comfortable enough to approach the trainers/coaches to ask for help. Excited to be a part Breakaway!!"

Allison Phillips "I’ve been going to Breakaway for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier. I’ve worked with all of the trainers and they are all extremely knowledgeable, supportive and promote a positive outlook. The sessions are varied as the workouts are never the same but are always challenging. The members are also supportive and ready to encourage other members through the tough spots in the workouts. In the 11 months I’ve been there, I’ve set several personal records for lifts and that has been great. But more importantly, I can run now and I look forward to the aerobic part of the workout where I used to dread them. Give it a shot. The instructors are great, the people are friendly and the health benefits are fantastic."

Bret Bishop

"I entered the gym feeling completely out of my comfort zone and intimidated by all of the equipment. Those feelings left rather quickly as I was greeted by the coaches and members. I saw the comraderie amongst the group and new that this was the place I wanted to begin my fitness journey. As a working mother with 3 small children the schedule of sessions and open gym allow me to get at least 3 workouts in each week. In addition to the excellent coaching by all of the staff I have received ample resources on nutrition, which has been a key factor in my fitness journey and success. I have had other gym memberships in the past and I have found myself not going, I did not know what to do while there and my motivation was low. At BFP the coaches ensure you are learning, challenging yourself, and help hold you accountable in your fitness goals. BFP is truly more than a gym! Grateful for all of the coaches and friends I've made along the way!"

Laura Ann


We will not panic. We will be prepared. And we will keep getting happier, healthier, and stronger together.

- Coach Joe Rouse

Owner | Breakaway Fitness & Performance LLC


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