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  • Beating the "All or Nothing" Mindset

    Beating the "All or Nothing" Mindset

    Beating the “All-or-nothing” Mindset " I need to cut out sweets/alcohol/carbs completely." "I’m giving up this weekend, I’ll start again Monday." "I had a donut for breakfast and it ruined my whole day." Any of these statements sound familiar? The all-or-nothing mindset can be easy to get caught up in and can very easily destroy our motivation and confidence. We convince ourselves that the only way to be successful is to do as much as possible as perfectly as possible. But inevitably we aren’t able to sustain it, or burn out and end up feeling defeated. Sometimes the hardest part of changing your lifestyle isn’t changing eating habits or exercising more - it could be battling the negative voices in your head. Changing your mindset and attitude from a negative outlook to a positive one is an important part of weight loss success - and will be key to keeping the weight off for the long term. Here's something to try: what if each CHOICE is a ....

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  • Check out our July Client and Athlete of the Month!

    Check out our July Client and Athlete of the Month!

    This month I want to spotlight Emmett Carrell. He is being recognized as our BFP athlete of the month and let me tell you, he is a hard worker and super coachable. I only get to see him 1 day a week, but when he’s here, he goes HARD! He enjoys playing and following the sport of soccer, hopefully I see him try out for his high school team this upcoming year. Emmett has been training at BFP for about a year, and he recently has moved up into our high school training program and has been crushing it. He is very dialed in with his exercises, always asks great questions and is very supportive of the other kids in the session. Emmett, congrats on being athlete of the ....

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  • How To Raise Your IQ Score 15 Points

    How To Raise Your IQ Score 15 Points

    I just HAD to share this with you, because when I read this, it completely blew my mind. Have you ever … Attended a virtual meeting while you scrolled your phone for the latest headlines (or, ahem, checked your social media notifications)? Juggled two work projects at the exact same time because you thought you could do them in half the time? Listened to a training/course/book while folding the laundry, cooking a meal, and/or caring for a family member? Checked your email or phone several times in the middle of a project? It might seem like you’re streamlining your to-do list by tackling several things at once, but you can actually ....

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  • Check Out Our June Client and Athlete of the Month!!

    Check Out Our June Client and Athlete of the Month!!

    This month, we want to give a shout out to Micah de Paor for being athlete of the month! Micah has been training at BFP for a good part of a year. He comes in ready to go every session, literally comes in and starts jumping on the plyo boxes! Micah trains with the middle school group and has shown vast improvements since he started. One thing I have seen major improvement in, is his ability to squat and deadlift. Those two movements took him some time to grasp, but he never gave up on learning them. Since he has learned those two movements, now he is slowly grabbing some heavier weights and progressing. That’s a big deal, especially at his age. Micah not only ....

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  • Ever Had Issues With Nighttime Snacking?

    Ever Had Issues With Nighttime Snacking?

    This month we’re going to focus on something that I know a LOT of you are interested in … Cleaning it up! By that I mean, focusing on cleaning up our diets, our self-care and cleaning products, our homes, and even the info we feed our brain. Let’s talk about ONE BIG AREA that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to cleaning up their nutrition – NIGHTTIME SNACKING! This one is near and dear to my heart…. Trust me! My wife and I can crush an entire family sized bag of almond m&m’s every single night if we wanted to! But, I wanted to share something that happened with a client recently, not me - because ....

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  • Test

    FAQs WHAT IS BFP? Breakaway Fitness & Performance is a community of people working together to achieve their individual goals. We offer 50 minute coach-based sessions to optimize your fitness level and give you the proven results you deserve! Our comprehensive training programs build self-confidence, increase muscular strength, endurance, enhance explosive power, improve flexibility, speed, and agility. Our sessions will energize and motivate you to take your fitness to the next level! WHAT IS GPT? Group Personal Training is our brand of group fitness with a focus on your personal results! In 50 minutes, we take some aspects of HIIT, CrossFit, Body Building, Powerlifting, ....

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  • Recovering From an Ankle Sprain Using Voodoo Floss

    Recovering From an Ankle Sprain Using Voodoo Floss

    A few weeks back I rolled my ankle...while coaching a session! Yes, I was explaining how to descend from a rope after climbing it and making sure everyone knew the safest way, then I landed on the rope and boom, rolled it. Ironic huh? Anyways, I played it off like a champ, but in my mind I wanted to yell and cry at the same time! I would say, one of the most common injuries I have dealt with is the annoying ankle sprain. Since my middle school days, I have been an avid athlete, so I have dealt with my fair share of ankle injuries. The recovery time usually was about a month and I would use the R.I.C.E approach (rest, ice, compression, elevate) because that’s what I was ....

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  • Calories in and Calories out is king, or queen, whichever works for you.

    Calories in and Calories out is king, or queen, whichever works for you.

    Calories in and Calories out is king, or queen, whichever works for you. Regardless, this is actually true. No matter the situation, generally speaking, if you are struggling to lose weight or change your body composition, we need to change calories in or calories out. The key thing to understand here is this: Many other things affect how many calories go out as well as in! Including: Sleep Stress Muscle mass How much protein, carbs or fat you eat and the thermic effect of food That last one right there. That’s the one I want to start with. I think this info will be super helpful to everyone so I hope you’ll hang with me! There are ....

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  • The BFP Transformation Challenge

    Click HERE To Start Your Transformation! What You'll Get ​FAST Fat Loss: We've become Hampstead's transformation experts by helping people like you overcome struggles and discover the lean, healthy body they deserve. ​Build Strength and Endurance With Up To 3 Days a week of Group Personal Training. This will help you get more toned and athletic with customizations for your fitness level and unique goals. ​ Proven meal plans with easy recipes that make it simple to get started. Accountability that helps you overcome struggles and makes sure you follow through. A New Group Of Gym Friends that will support you and help you look forward to your workouts. ​ Build Healthy ....

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