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  • Check Out Our Sneads Ferry BFP Family Member of the Month!!!

    Check Out Our Sneads Ferry BFP Family Member of the Month!!!

    BFP Family Member Of The Month: Jessica Wysote This month, BFP Sneads Ferry would like to recognize Jessica Wysote. 9am is her time to get it done, and boy does she crush it! She is super consistent with her training, showing up each day and absolutely showing out. Jessica moves VERY well and loves to challenge herself in every regard. Jessica is working on earning her Silver status on Myzone. She has one more month of earning 1300 MEPS and that will be another salute to your hard work! Despite having some issues with knee pain here and there, she doesn’t let that stop her from giving it her all each and every day. Jessica has maxed out with a 140lb back squat! Her deadlift is ....

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  • The Benefits of Time Under Tension Training

    The Benefits of Time Under Tension Training

    The Benefits of Time Under Tension Training Have you ever hit a wall in your strength training progression? Have you been bench pressing the same weight for months? Years? Maybe it’s time to incorporate a new method of training, time under tension. Time under tension, or TUT for short, is the amount of time that a muscle or a group of muscles is under stress. Muscles under stress for long periods of time will have greater muscle fiber recruitment resulting in muscle growth. Slow vs Fast The two most common methods of performing reps to an exercise are slow and controlled or fast and explosive. Each method has value. A controlled slower tempo elicits a lower risk of injury as well ....

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  • Check Out Our New BFP Athlete of the Month!!!

    Check Out Our New BFP Athlete of the Month!!!

    This month I wanted to give a shout out to Jack MacDonald for being the athlete of the month at BFP! Jack has attended a few of your summer youth camps in the past, but he is now gearing up to head into high school. He has been training consistently this year and has shown some serious improvement with his speed work and lifting. Jack is a hard worker and gets his workout done without me ever getting onto him. He is super coachable and has a good athletic skill set. He currently plays hockey in Wilmington, but I would bet he would be a good athlete at any sport he participated in! His mom, Anne MacDonald also works out at BFP and is setting a great example for Jack on maintaining ....

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  • BFP Running Guide

    BFP Running Guide

    Running is defined as the “fastest” means for an animal to move on foot! This complex and coordinated process we call running, involves the entire body! When running, there are two systems that are primarily used: aerobic (oxidative) energy system and anaerobic (anaerobic) energy system. The aerobic energy system is typically used for any form of physical activity that lasts longer than two minutes. For example, a distance runner or long-distance cycler. The anaerobic energy system is typically used for quick, explosive bouts of activity. A great example of an anaerobic exercise is sprinting! Now that we understand the different energy systems that will be primarily used when ....

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  • Check Out Our Sneads Ferry BFP Family Member of the Month!

    Check Out Our Sneads Ferry BFP Family Member of the Month!

    BFP Family Member Of The Month: Paige Anderson! Core Values: Dedication and Diligence This month we would like to recognize Paige Anderson for the Family Member of the Month! Paige attends BFP Monday through Friday at 6am. Talking about showing up and getting it done, she does it. Smiling through the pain, she crushes each session with effort. We would like to applaud Paige for her dedication and diligence to herself and to achieving her goals. Paige has earned a Bronze status on Myzone, with a total of 11,385 Lifetime MEPS. Couple more months of commitment and she will earn her silver status. When Paige joined BFP, she was uncomfortable and unfamiliar with barbells. NOW, she is ....

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  • Check Out Our Hampstead BFP Family Member of the Month!

    Check Out Our Hampstead BFP Family Member of the Month!

    BFP Family Member Of The Month: Stephanie Southerland! This month I want to recognize a long time BFP member, Stephanie Southerland! She is an 8am er’ and is always a joy to have in my sessions. Steph has been super consistent with her training the last 6+ years and moves like a champ. Her Myzone status is Platinum, which means she has earned well over 1300 MEPS, every month since January 2020. Woot woot, congrats! So I have been coaching Steph forever and she has definitely had her ups and downs in the gym, but I always applaud her for getting back up on the horse and pressing on. I wanted to show her some love because she has been dialed in with her nutrition since ....

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  • test

    1. Schedule A Phone Call - Let's Connect Tell us your goals and expectations. 2. Sit Down With Your Coach Let’s make sure we are the right fit for each other. Let us show you how we will achieve your goals. 3. Take Action and Start Making Progress Create a plan to get your desired results. ....

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  • Race Day Readiness Pt. 2

    Race Day Readiness Pt. 2

    Race Day Nutrition One would hope that your nutrition is fairly healthy in general, given the amount of time and effort that goes into training for a Spartan Race. In general, you should focus on lots of whole foods, lots of lean proteins, very few processed foods and sugars, and very little alcohol consumption. Carb Loading What is carb loading? Is it necessary? In general, if you are running a Sprint (3.1 miles + 20 obstacles) or a Super (6.2 miles + 25 obstacles), you shouldn’t need to carb load unless you are planning to run both races in a single weekend. Carb loading becomes necessary when you plan to run the Beast (13.1 ....

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  • Check out our Hampstead and Sneads Ferry March Members of the Month!!

    Check out our Hampstead and Sneads Ferry March Members of the Month!!

    HAMPSTEAD This month at BFP we want to recognize Marena French as our member of the month. Boo yah! She joined BFP in October 2021 and has made great strides in her health and fitness. Since then she has put on about 5 lbs of muscle and has lost about 2% body fat. I know she just finished up the nutrition challenge and is ready to keep it rolling! Marena usually comes to the 6pm session, everytime I see her she always has a smile on her face. When we get going with the exercises she is locked in, ready to learn and improve her fitness. As coaches, we constantly preach about consistency. Whether it’s nutrition or fitness, consistency is key. While training, ....

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  • Race Day Readiness - Spartan SGX at BFP

    Race Day Readiness - Spartan SGX at BFP

    RACE DAY READINESS PART 1 - GEAR If you’re like me, you have a million questions and anxieties about what to bring, wear, eat, and do for a Spartan Race. So I thought I’d do my best to answer as many frequently asked pre-race questions as I could. What started as a half page blog quickly turned into several pages of advice, tips, and tricks that I have picked up over the past years and through my SGX training. So we decided to split my blog into parts. In this part, we’ll talk about race day gear. Before we get started, let me say, you can race in anything. You do not need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on gear. I showed up to my first Spartan ....

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