Baseball Season is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Baseball Season is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Baseball in this area is very popular, rightfully so, we have good weather for most the year and access to fields just about anywhere. I have had the opportunity to train quite a few baseball players and I understand the physical demands these kids are facing. Especially for athletes that play, for the most part, year round.

As our local youth finish up the spring season, I know a lot of kids are getting ready for summer baseball. I have attached this article because it really hit home on some of the issues regarding youth baseball in relation to injuries, and how those issues can be managed. Especially for younger athletes, it’s easy to get caught up in the short term process and forgot that we’re dealing with kids. In order to keep kids healthy and maintain interest in the sport, we need to look at the long term process as well.

It’s a short read, so check it out!

Strength Coach,

Silas Perreault

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