Owning The Push Press

Owning The Push Press

The Push Press is a great exercise for upper body strength and can really humble an individual. Personally, I’ve rammed the bar into my chin, almost dropped it onto my head and missed quite a few lifts. Having failures with this lift has taught me a lot about body awareness and technique.

What is the push press exactly, well I use the words, dip and drive to describe the push press. These are simple terms that reinforce what you are doing and most people understand what those mean. Dip from the knees and drive the barbell over your head. Boom, lift complete.

As simple as it sounds, I want to discuss the proper way to set yourself up and how to really own this lift with confidence!

Whether you go from a standing rig or clean the barbell up to your shoulders. If you have a sloppy setup, then in most cases your lift will look sloppy or feel harder than it has to be. Remember it’s all about being efficient

Check out this video on some helpful tips to use when training!


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